Charmaine Yoest Is Joining the Department of Health and Human Services. This Is Not a Good Thing.


There is anti-science madness around town.. climate change deniers and Giender ID believers ...craziness lots of places.
Don't call it traditional marriage unless it secures alliances between rival fiefdoms.
This isn't a habit of the Trump Administration. It's a strategy practiced in a much lesser way by the Bush administration: appoint people who will ignore the goals of the specific department they head. It wasn't/isn't only Bannon who wants to destroy the administrative state; it's a prime GOP tenet.
@3: No, Ronald Reagan nor either of the Bushes called for destroying the administrative state. Don't confuse limited government, or non-abstrusive government, with Steve Bannon's philosophy - which is far more "populist" and also isolationist than the Republican party of yesteryear.

Also, some transfer of chattels is required as part of the dowry: livestock, plate, and/or cloth-of-gold would suffice.
The thing that abortion and birth control cause is women not being financially dependent on a man. We wouldn't want that would we? The real agenda of social conservatives is not to protect unborn babies but to reinforce traditional gender roles by removing access to family planning. Once you understand that the crazy stuff they say makes a lot more sense.
@4, I didn't say Reagan pushed it. However, Bush II through Cheney and others did, although they didn't use the term "administrative state". They were not at all interested in their administration's departments running well; they were interested in extending the reach of corporations within and without government.
@6, what have you done with the real Ken Mehlman? Not that I'm complaining...
@7: Sorry to nag again, but not in George W. Bush's administration either. As you recall, he coined the term "compassionate conservatism" for the idea of an efficient and responsible government. You can debate the merits on that, but again, it is far from the myopic world that infests the current west wing.
This is what America voted for (or, more accurately, didn't vote for). This is what people either want or can't be bothered to care about. Outrage here is cute, but entirely impotent.