Scarecrow to Mayor Murray: Here is a brain for you.
Scarecrow to Mayor Murray: "Here is a brain for you." KELLY O

Scarecrow Video, a much-loved and globally recognized video store in the University District, and winner of the 2015 Genius Award for film, was told the most amazing thing by Mayor Murray last night at an in-store fundraiser: They were going to get $50,000 from his office. This was the best news ever because the organization, which is a non-profit, really needs the cash.

But almost as soon as the promise flew out of the mayor's lips, it was shot down by his aides. The only thing Scarecrow would be getting was the mayor's speech. Be happy with that. But some confusion still surrounded this situation. Did the mayor make a mistake? Were the aides just being mean? What was going on?

Because none of the members of Scarecrow could officially talk about this incident, I asked the mayor's office if it could clear up the confusion: Was the promise made? Was Scarecrow going to get the money or not? The response I received from Murray's office is this, by the Director of Communications for the Office of Economic Development & Office of Film + Music, Joe Mirabella:

Mayor Murray misspoke last night, and staff cleared this up with Scarecrow staff immediately. At Council Member [Lisa] Herbold’s direction, the Office of Economic Development dedicated $50,000 to a Legacy Business study. The report is due in July and will make recommendations about how to support local icons like Scarecrow.

To sum up: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away so the Lord can pay for a report on how to giveth!