Chastity Belt—so much roiling tension.
Chastity Belt—so much roiling tension. Conner Lyons

Stranger 2015 Genius award candidates Chastity Belt have leaked another track from their forthcoming third full-length, I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone (out June 2 on CD, LP, digital, and cassette formats via Hardly Art Records). "5am" is that album's closer, and it bears a roiling tension that these deceptively chill Seattle women commonly convey in their songs. Julia Shapiro's vocals emit a complicated ennui about wee-hours anger and "feeling out of touch with reality" over poised guitar clangor and subliminally driving, mid-tempo beats. The line "I've got some thoughts I cling to/What makes you bitter makes you old" contains much truth.

You may hear traces of late-period Sonic Youth in this gradually intensifying, introverted anthem, which concludes with a gnarly noise coda. Once again, Chastity Belt reveal their uncanny knack of making melancholy seem like a desired state.

Chastity Belt's next two local live dates are May 20 at the Bothell Block Party & BrewFest and June 1 at Crocodile.