Todays less tragic death.
Today's less tragic death. Sgt. Christopher Tobey

Chris Cornell Is Dead: Police are investigating the Soundgarden and Audioslave singer's death as a possible suicide. He was 52. Cornell was found by friends on the bathroom floor of a Detroit hotel room after playing a show with Soundgarden. The last song he sang on stage was Led Zeppelin's "In My Time of Dying."

Roger Ailes Is Also Dead: The sexual predator and former Fox News president was 77. Few details have been reported.

World's Worst Boss: The President of the United States, Donald Trump, prefers a "management style" of "competing factions and organized chaos," which was the entire premise for The Apprentice. According to this Washington Post story, White House staffers have begun to joke about impeachment and shop around resumés. "Every one of those people could get a better-paying job and work less hours,” said a Republican operative.

History Flynn the Making: Michael Flynn, the general and foreign agent who lasted 24 days as National Security Advisor, told Trump's transition team that he was under investigation for taking $500,000 from Turkey's government while working on the president's election campaign, reports The New York Times. Still, Trump hired Flynn for a position with access to the some of the country's top secrets.

Soon after Flynn came aboard, he lobbied to delay a joint US-Kurdish military action in the Syrian city of Raqqa, a stronghold for the Islamic State, McClatchy reports. The military action was opposed by Turkey, which, remember, paid Flynn $500,000 while he helped get Trump elected.

For this, members of Congress have quietly thrown around the word "treason."

Special Counsel Robert Mueller: You'll be seeing this name a lot in the news over the coming months. A former FBI director, Mueller will be overseeing the investigation of potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Congressional Republicans and Democrats both applaud the appointment, made by deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein (who, you may remember, drafted one of two letters giving Trump a rationale for firing FBI director James Comey, but later reportedly threatened to quit after the baby orangutan in the Oval Office threw him under the bus). Trump feels differently:

How Soft Are the Robes in Saudi Arabia?: Probably the question on Trump's mind as he heads on his first overseas trip as President of the United States. He really, really, really doesn't want to go.

Sheriff Sued: ...again. The King County Sheriff's Office faces its third bias lawsuit under the tenure of Sheriff John Urquhart. This time, former deputy sheriff Andrea Alexander claims that Urquhart subjected her to an internal investigation because she is a gay black woman. Urquhart maintains the investigation of overpayments to Alexander, which eventually led to her firing, was proper.

Port People Problems: Port Commissioner John Creighton, Sydney's best friend, is no stranger to controversy. Here's a really complicated one for you. Two minority businesses gave about 15 percent of contributions to Creighton's re-election campaign. At the same time, two port employees are suing the commission for firing them, claiming Creighton played a big role in the termination because they refused to sign off on leases for business owners who contribute to Creighton's political war chest. But Creighton contends they had to go for allegedly racist emails about a minority business owner.

Raises For Days: Governor Jay Inslee, Attorney General Bob Ferguson and your representative in Olympia will be making more money. Indeed, all state elected officials will receive a 2 percent bump this year, followed by another 2 percent raise in 2018.