Deadliest Catch Crabber Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Uber Driver in Ballard


That is interesting… I thought that you couldn't get into an Uber unless you had a credit card? No?
Yeah, the story sounds fishy to me, too. Trips are dispatched by Uber who has all information on the riders including the passenger's credit card to which the ride will be billed. If the driver picked up the wrong riders or picked up riders not dispatched by Uber, then the driver is SOL and does not deserve to be paid. But if the driver tried to screw over Uber by taking a trip off the books, so to speak, for cash, then he should be removed from the Uber platform and not be allowed to drive for Uber again. He's a cheat and a thief.
I've only used Uber once but I remember pretty distinctly that you have to have a credit card connected to the account before they'll even start to let you use the system. One of the benefits of Uber is that you never have to pay cash… It's all done by credit card… So yes the story is fishy and Typical of the stranger to not look into basic facts… Maybe these young folks lack critical faculties and don't ask questions except ones which point to white guilt?
how is the story remotely fishy? the guy wanted to pay by cash. whether he got in an uber that he didn't order, or got in one that he did and then wanted to pay cash, he cannot pay by cash, he cannot spit on the driver, and he cannot kick and dent the driver's car. since they found the kicker based on his uber profile, i'd guess he ordered the car (with his credit card) and then asked to pay cashfor whatever reason.
@4 Methinks one of Hansen's party wanted this trip to not appear on their credit card records (was it 2am? Hmmm) and wanted to pay cash instead.
@5 that was my thought as well....
@5 also.... mission accomplished!