Attorney General Bob Ferguson says Trumps greatest weakness is his aggressiveness.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson says Trump's greatest weakness is his aggressiveness. Sydney Brownstone

Bob Ferguson, the nerdy, hot, Muslim ban-blocking Attorney General for Washington State, today wrote that Trump's aggressive governance style will ultimately lead to his downfall.

Ferguson, also an internationally-rated chess player, wrote the analysis for TIME Magazine. He compares the Trump administration's brash and careless execution of January's Muslim ban to the King's Gambit, an aggressive chess move that worked for exceptional chess players in the "early 20th century," but has since fallen out of favor because grandmasters have learned how to capitalize on weaknesses exposed by the move.

The attorney general, as it turns out, is still playing chess:

After we stopped the President's original travel ban, Trump issued an all-caps tweet: "See you in court!" But we had already seen him in court—and defeated him there twice. His tweet revealed only one thing: that the President was playing two moves behind.

You should read Ferguson's whole piece here.