The Morning News: Robert Mueller's Appointment Is Causing Some Concern, Chris Cornell's Family Is Disputing Reports of Suicide


My mind is still blown over the fact that Twitler will be giving a speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia (!!!), AND it's being written by that fascist little Mr. Burns troll doll Stephen Miller, who has openly stated that the US is in a religious war against Muslims (!!!). The good news is that none of them may escape from Saudi Arabia alive after that speech.

This is also coming after word that President Balls-On-His-Chin will appoint android-AmeriKKKan Callista Gingrinch as ambassador to the Vatican, with hubby Newt in tow. 'Cause if there's anything the Vatican loves, it's thrice-married adulterers and serial liars.

Our epic national humiliation is going global.
Leilani, had Mrs. Bill won the presidency - she'd be going to the G7 summit as well. It may have been "convent" timing for her as well.
Also, the first steps toward making net neutrality a thing of the past happened yesterday. [TechRepublic]
Didn't Saudi Arabia accept Idi Amin? Might be a good spot for Pres. Trump to demand asylum.
@5 - Quick! Close the borders! Don't let him back in!
We're going to get our cringe fix, whether we want it or not.
RE: Dinosaurs. There is open debate on what exactly killed off the dinos. It's entirely possible that the Yucatan asteroid/comet wasn't the "one thing" that did it...but only a contributing cause. The Deccan volcanos erupted for 30,000 years (creating the Deccan Traps), and the amount of soot they threw into the atmosphere could have easily been a major --or primary-- factor in the dino's decline... Chicxulub impact certainly contributed, but may not be the "smoking gun", and the dinos may have died off even w/o the impact, thanks to the aeon-long volcanic eruptions.

Keep on sciencing! We may someday know for sure.
The Coinage Act of 1965 (Section 31 U.S.C. 5103, "Legal tender"), states: "United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues."

If you owe a debt to someone, you offer to that person full payment in federal coniage and/or currency (i.e., cash), and that person refuses your payment, the debt is nullified. Nobody is required to accept cash as prepayment, but once there is a debt, they have to accept cash that is offered to repay it if they want it repayed. A driver does not have to exchange cash for services. But you and that driver agree to exchange services for money, the driver cannot legally turn around and refuse cash payment with a demand for some other form of payment.
@10: ...that does not mean that one should fight a driver who refuses cash; only that one may legally walk away and know that one no longer owes the driver for the ride.
Can the Saudis boil Twitler and its thugs in oil, stick a fork in their asses and be DONE with 'em? PLEEEEEEEEEASE?.........
@7 treacle: I like your thinking. Deporting Trumpzilla would be a great idea--except nobody else wants it, either. Maybe NASA could catapult Trumpzilla and its lackeys instead as space junk into a galaxy far, far away?
@10. The underlying issue is a contract dispute, not a debt situation. By having/utilizing the Uber app and having an account, this crab guy agreed to pay using the credit card on file with the account. Uber's terms of service create a contractual agreement between the account user/rider, Uber, and the driver. The driver was satisfying his end of the contract by not taking payment any other way than through Uber and the account on file. The crab guy was in breach. Nevermind that nothing you cite provides justification for assault.