Here's Everyone Running for Mayor, City Council, and Everything Else You'll Have to Vote on This Year


The world turns, the seasons change, Al and GSG run for office again.

Please don't use your Democracy Vouchers on them, friends. Please.
Somebody make a good wolf-pullin' joke.
Wait! Never mind. I forgot the Vouchers are only for City Council and City Attorney candidates.

Carry on.
Why not in alphabetical order? Any random order will make it look like The Stranger is favoring a candidate over others.

If I wanted biased reporting, I'd be reading The Times.
Hey all, just wanted to let you know I'm happy to answer any questions here or my email at This is my first time running for something and am going to try to do it very low cost so am not setting up any special website, etc.
Megan, a website will cost you about $20. If you can't afford that, you can't afford the time to serve. Google Domain Names and Web Hosting.
@5 You think The Stranger is unbiased? My lord.
@ You think anyone is unbiased?
@9: No one really is, but some people try to overcome their bias and get to truth, and some people revel in it as their truth.
FYI, three candidates for School Board have dropped out.

District 4 (Director Sue Peters' district - she is not running)
Jeff Jones
Anh M. Nguyen

District 5 (Director Blanford's district - he is not running)
Michelle Sarju

That leaves seven candidates in District 4, five candidates in District 5 and three candidates in District VII (where Director Betty Patu is the only incumbent running).

Also the 36th Dems had interviews this weekend with many candidates for both mayor and school board; you can find them at YouTube.