Kshama Sawant is rooting for Colin Kaepernick (center)
Kshama Sawant is rooting for Colin Kaepernick (center) GETTY IMAGES

Our socalist councilmember wants Seattle Seahawks General Manager John Schneider, Head Coach Pete Carroll, and Owner Paul Allen to sign the "controversial" quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the Seahawks’ backup quarterback. The truth of the matter is that he was blackballed by the league because last season he told it like it is: America was and is a racist society. In fact, how else do we have a president like Donald Trump? Without racism, he would be nowhere but in a hole in the ground.

Sawant to the Seahawks management:

...I agree wholeheartedly with Michael Bennett that Seattle is the perfect place for
Kaepernick. The NFL has an influence on the ideas and attitudes of young people. As you assemble your team, it would be a poor message for you to send to young people that speaking out against racism, police violence, and economic inequality is “toxic” and will be punished rather than applauded. The working people of Seattle and our youth will be proud to welcome Colin Kaepernick.

Well said, Sawant. It's also important because socialists need to not dismiss professional sports. For many working-class people, it's the only affordable source of pleasure.