Socialist Kshama Sawant Wants Colin Kaepernick to Become a Seahawk


Mudede and Sawant make life worth living for me. No shit.
...of course, it might have helped for her to properly identify Pete Carroll as the Head Coach and not the General Manager. (The Seahawks General Manager is John Schneider.)

Don't dismiss this a nitpick. This is a plea for smart people to care about accuracy in the face of the nonsense flooding the world these days.

It's important for everyone, (even....and especially...people we agree with) to care enough to get their information right.
@2. Looks like they fixed it???
Wonderful & elegant point about the nature of fandom. Professional sports franchises and the leagues that govern them have devolved into something of a world class shitshow, but there won't ever be anything ugly about watching the most graceful humans on the planet exhibit the athleticism and improvisational dexterity necessary to execute a reverse layup in traffic. Universal appreciation and beauty.
Sawant: Still a joke.
American sports are remarkably socialist/Russian, to the extent that we pay for horribly inefficient stadiums out of our taxes and some oligarch makes off with the profits.

I'd rather see Sawant address this aspect of how Seattle taxpayers fund these monstrosities, instead of root for a celebrity (even if much of what he says is entirely correct).

Imagine how much low-income housing we could build if our money wasn't tied up in pro sports stadiums and city police/fire/emergency/infrastructure support to keep those stadiums running. Imagine how many circularly sustaining and taxpaying city jobs could be created by building that housing.
Sports are "affordable"?!!?

Maybe because they're on television for free. But, nobody can afford to go to football or baseball anymore.
The people who want socialism to be evil will never be convinced that it isn't, anymore than the people who want space aliens to be reading their thoughts will ever be convinced that the tinfoil hat theyre wearing is total bullshit.

People today treat politics much as they did during the Nikia Riots. You have your team. I have my team. Everyone on your team must always be convinced that everything anyone else on your team says is always true, and everything anyone on ,my team says is always false. This isnt really about truth or falsity anyway, its about winning. A word doesnt have any meaning in and of itself, its just a way to punch someone with your mouth.

No matter what, neither side is able to dialogue with the other. We all say we want civil conversations, reaching across the aisles, etc, but its all bullshit. We want blood. All we want is to see whoever the champion is of the other side in a humiliated and debased state of total defeat.

This is why I hate politics. Everyone's talking, nobody is listening.

If it's Friday, it must be time for Sawant to make a shameless play for news coverage.
@6: You might want to Google "Seattle I-91".
If Sawant is so terrible what does that say about all of those who can't unseat her? Oh, wait. It's because Seattle voters are so terrible. Got it. You hate democracy, because any random idiot with a pulse can vote. While you're here participating in an anonymous public forum. Where any random idiot can try to persuade other random idiots. For the purpose of...?

Just fuck off, troll.
"Imagine how much low-income housing we could build if..." Sawant hasn't spent 20 minutes writing this letter, and instead spent an additional 20 minutes of her time working to get affordable housing built. I estimate that would translate into at least 5,000 additional units.

I bet if Sawant could get by on one less hour of sleep, we'd see more than 15,000 additional units constructed. That's per DAY people.

God. When you think about it, this football letter is the most selfish thing Sawant could do. She's basically evil incarnate, what with her power to fix all the bad things, provided she never fritters away any of her omnipotent minutes. Yeah.
"Affordable"?!! "Pleasure"? Well, that is debatable on both counts, but if the people who can afford this pleasure also spend time and money participating in civic duties then I'm willing to give it a pass. As it stands, the sports community does not bring much to the table and does far more harm than good. But yes to the Colin guy belonging here. 100% welcome as a human being who is more than SPORTS.
Ignoring the ignorant racists, especially #13 whose mouth is orange from rimming Cheeto Hitler in his dreams, Colin would be perfect for Seattle. Aside from fitting with our Left-Coast culture, his team mates all say he's quite the team player, with is what works for the 'Hawks. Besides, after the shit the league gave Marshawn for not talking to the press, might be justice to have a Seahawk they want to talk less.
Wanting Kaepernick on your team - because of his political stance(s)

is not really different than

Not wanting Kaepernick on your team - because of his political stance(s).

Which is it SLOG? Do we want to make decisions based on his political stance? Yes/No?
Stick to self promoting Sawant, you don't know football. Kap was our city's nemesis when he was relevant as an on field athlete. Sawant's context is as deep as a 6 month old MSN headline.