DON'T MISS: Lee (Sam Elliott) has cancer, he smokes a lot of weed, he is divorced from his wife and has been neglectful of his adult daughter, and his successful acting career is in the past. This is an intense, quiet movie about a man possibly facing his death and evaluating his life. There are some nice moments of levity provided by a drug-dealing friend (played by Nick Offerman). Sam Elliott is wonderful, and so are his eyebrows and mustache. (But a small—okay, big—quibble: Why can men in movies not date women within their own age range?) We root for Lee’s revitalization even as he questions whether it is worth it to try to buy more time. Check out the trailer, and get info on his Seattle appearance (and screenings of The Hero) below.

The screening on Saturday, May 27, is shown as part of "An Afternoon with Sam Elliott," which will include an interview and Q&A. Buy tickets for that here.

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