Offensive, poor-hating tweets by a Tacoma Trumper.
Offensive, poor-hating tweets by a Tacoma Trumper.

Biological anthropologist Richard Wrangham contends that the split between bonobos (the sexy ape) and chimpanzees (the war-loving ape) was caused by the appearance of a river in the Congo Basin 1.5–2.6 million years ago. And the difference was made not so much by the river itself than by gorillas: one side of the river had them, and the other did not. The group located in the area with gorillas evolved into chimps; the group on the side without gorillas evolved into bonobos. And the reason why the presence of the gorilla placed pressure on the evolution of the chimp is because it dominated a range of foods in the forest. The absence of the gorilla on the other side of the river meant these foods were available to the bonobo. The thinking is that if the patriarchal chimps had access to these foods, they would have evolved into an ape that, like the matriarchal bonobo, spends less time fighting and more time fucking.

In American politics, Donald Trump has become a river that's permanently separated the left from the right. This river can not be crossed. And the group on one side of Trump is destined to evolve in compete isolation from the other group.

Why? Because the Republicans can live with Trumpisms (racism, pussy grabbing, nepotism, lying, climate denying), while those on the left just can't. And Trumpers are as toxic to leftists as Trump. There is, for example, Jim Jensen, a Tacoma real estate broker who, from tweets he posted, appears to hate poor people with passion and have an extremely low opinion of black people. Had these tweets not been revealed to the public yesterday, he would have continued running for the Port of Tacoma commissioner.

Jensen is not an anomaly. He is the kind of political animal that the whole GOP is evolving into. Republicans like Comey are going extinct. Even Republicans like Jeff Sessions are proving that they are not Trump enough. In these conditions, Seattle Times staff columnist Danny Westneat is correct in saying that friendships, connections, interactions, and intercourse with Republicans has become impossible.

Jim Jensen next to his leader, the self-proclaimed pussy grabber: