L'esprit de L'escalier & Some More Advice For Democrats On Messaging


Check out Lakoff's 'Don't Think of an Elephant." Over 10 years old, more relevant than ever. Progressives are absolutely losing the war in part because of sh*tty messaging. People vote with their heart and identity, not with their head.
Not enough legislative power is accorded to garbage land in this country.
How about we not take advice from people who supported Clinton in the primary.
Wing nuts lean on the effective BIG LIE tactic, perfected by a German named Goebbels. Repeat your lie in a good catchy phrase over and over again no matter how preposterous. Say it with furious invective. After a while people start buying it because other PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO REPEAT IT. Make it a big lie that is tempting to believe, like SCAPEGOATING (fake news?), and the sale is complete. It strikes the primal emotions, not the reasonable mind, which will be the enemy of any personality cult. Dems try to stake out high ground, so this trick is left for the ethically bankrupt to exploit.
You can get away with wearing a plaid jacket quite well Mr. Savage. The shirt went well with it too.
Republicans know what they want, Democrats have no idea what there is to want.
Dan looks like a guy closing in on 60
Well, Well, Dan. Good interview. Love the jacket.
Good practical thoughts.
Thx Dan

Oh, you are not suggesting that Dems use "intersectionality" as its core tag line? I wonder why.
Obama ran on Universal Healthcare. He won! Remember? It was awesome.

Then the Democratic Party let Joe Lieberman (et. al.) and the GOP turn that promise into a tremendously mediocre mandatory insurance program like the GOP proposed and then they took the blame for the mediocrity.

The Democrats may have burned the word "universal".
The most successful politician in US history was a Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt. The Democrats would do well to simply read what he said and wrote, repeat it or something similar, and (and this is the key part) visibly do everything in their power to do what they say.

Remember when the Democratic Party really started sinking. It wasn't 2016. It was in 2010. In 2009, they had had control of the House, Senate (including, for a few months, a 60-vote majority that could beat out filibusters), and White House. They could have passed anything they'd wanted to. The economy had just collapsed, we'd just voted in a guy who was sounding like a potential New Deal Democrat. Instead, they hemmed and hawed and negotiated and the Republican's health care plan was all that anyone in the US had to show for it. They had basically made a deal with the public: Put us in power, and we'll deliver these policy changes to you. We put them in power, and they didn't deliver. And with that, the illusion was broken: They didn't do anything for working people because they didn't want to do anything for working people, regardless of their rhetoric.
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Liked that you talked menstral blood,Dan, and yes it was a very offensive remark to Kelly. He was questioning her competence, because she is a fertile woman.
TAX CUTS are fucking Entitlements. The rich should be ashamed to be getting these entitlements.

"Regulations" should be called Protections... which is what they are. Protections against: snake oil, graft, collusion, monopoly, theft, pollution, etc.

Let's also point out that Medicare-for-All / Universal Healthcare is cheaper & economically more efficient than the current corporate, private-profit, middle-man healthcare model, where "competing" insurance companies are actually competing for the right to steal dollars from your pockets & give you the least coverage possible. Something that most Americans already realize.

And let's also work on killing the idea that basic public services, such as Mass Transit or the Post Office, should somehow make a "profit". Do the Police make a profit? Does the Fire Department need to make a profit? Do roads make a profit? These socialized services are more efficiently managed for the benefit of everyone, than any "private-profit" model.

And yes, as @3 points out, George Lakoff has been hammering this point for years. To deaf & Dem ears.

"Democratic operatives study political studies and statistics and demographics in college. Students who lean Republican study marketing."

The Left needs to state & assert their positive moral values. Instead of playing defense to Right-Wing moral fervor.

While we're getting our moxie up, let's also talk about Guaranteed Income too.
The Democrats DO have a unifying message albeit a truly crappy one:

OMFG, Russia Did It!!™

Always love seeing you on Maher, Dan. I was disapointed however that Bill didn't ask you about/discuss both your pin and your ITMFA tshirt. Two opportunities to spread the word to his large audience and help raise even more money for those terrific causes.