Michael Spadoni

Just a week before local doom pop trio Golden Gardens were slotted to play the West Seattle Summer Fest, some awful dickhead swiped the band's gear off a curb near 14th Avenue and East Republican Street in Capitol Hill on July 7. The stolen gear includes a travel case, Audix OM5 microphone, guitar effects pedal, Behringer mixer, cymbals, cables, keyboard stand, book of handwritten lyrics and a pair of singer Aubrey Bramble's favorite shoes.

"I think we were lucky that only a small amount of our gear was stolen as opposed to ALL of our gear," Bramble wrote in an e-mail to The Stranger. "That would have had a much bigger impact on what we are able to do as a band."

Despite this, the loss of the band's equipment is still "an emotional and a financial setback," said Golden Gardens drummer Carl Germain.

Bramble and Germain estimated that the stolen gear is worth about $1,600. The cymbals, which Germain received as a gift from musician Bill Rieflin, are worth about $1,000 used, he claimed.

"I don't really have the extra funds for a replacement in the foreseeable future," he said.

Bramble and Germain said they filed police reports in hopes of being reunited with their stolen gear, which could turn up at local pawn shops or music stores. In the meantime, they and multi-instrumentalist Gregg Neville are using the band's back-up equipment and borrowing gear from their other musician friends. The band still plans to play at the West Seattle festival this weekend.

"So many musicians have had this happen - it's so lame!" Bramble said. "Most of the artists I know (including ourselves) don't make a ton of money to begin with so having to replace stolen gear is an extra hard spot to find oneself in... It could have been a lot worse."