The Matilda, which consists of 3 Howls Navy Strength gin, lemon, tonic, and a Gilda pintxo garnish—boquerone, olive, and piparra peppers. Ill take two.
The Matilda, which consists of 3 Howls' Navy Strength gin, lemon, tonic, and a Gilda pintxo garnish—boquerone, olive, and piparra peppers. I'll take two. Bar Abajo

Bar Abajo Pops up in Former Pintxo Space

Bar Abajo, the latest venture from Cory and Amanda Chigbrow, is now open in the former Pintxo space. The new spot is a celebration of all things small, oily, fish, and canned, as well as all things gin. It all looks really delicious:

Their next project, a bourbon bar called Commonwealth, is slated for fall, Eater reports.

Bush Garden's Beautiful Eulogy

KCTS 9 published a lovely short video on the history of Bush Garden, Seattle's original and soon-to-close karaoke bar. It's always strange how something as simple as a karaoke bar can play such a significant role in so many lives. I've had some of the most memorable experiences of my life there, from an impossibly jubilant spontaneous group rendition of "Dreams" to a severely and instantaneously broken heart, and I'd say the same is true for plenty of other people in this city. Chris Chan, one of their longtime KJs, summed it up well:

Jones Brothers and Co. Comes to Ballard

The former BalMar space in Ballard is now occupied by Jones Brothers and Co., a neighborhood joint with "a nod to historic Ballard." The place is the brainchild of Kevin Carlson, who owns the nearby Shelter Lounge.

“I grew up sitting on the street outside of Jones Brothers Meats, watching families come in to grab steaks for dinner and chatting with the fisherman as they passed by with their daily catch,” Carlson says in their press release. “I wanted to create a laid-back, local hangout that harkened back to the Scandinavian Ballard that meant so much to me."

The food trends towards meaty comfort, with five different meatball options on offer (can you tell Carlson is of Swedish descent?), a grass-fed burger, a French dip, and obviously some steak. There are, at the behest of Jones' better half, plenty of vegetarian options too, they say.

Like every other moderately upscale restaurant that's opened recently, they'll have draft cocktails—their take on a Negroni and an Old Fashioned—as well as an "extensive" selection of beer, wine, and other cocktails. They're open Mon-Fri 3pm-Close, and Sat-Sun 11am-Close. No word on their definition of "Close."

RIP Revel/Quoin, For Now

The building that houses Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi's restaurant Revel and accompanying bar Quoin is being redeveloped, Seattle Met reports, which means that Revel and Quoin will close temporarily. It appears that Yang and Chirchi knew this going in, and will actually be reopening in the ground floor retail of whatever new luxury apartments are going in.

"It's a bittersweet and tricky moment," Yang tells the Met, but adds that, "We've actually prolonged the process for a year or two." Here's to a quick turnaround!

Standard Brewing's Expansion is Finished

The popular Central District brewery just finished the last part of their multi-stage expansion, Eater reports, the culmination of a two-year project. The space will eventually include food and cocktails, but for now it's just beer, as they're still doing menu development and waiting for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) to approve their upgraded permit.

Soylent Now Available at 7-11

Confirming Michael Pollan's recommendation that you not eat anything you can buy at a gas station, Soylent food replacement liquids will now be available at 7-11, Eater reports. Currently only at 18 locations in Los Angeles, thankfully, but that's obviously not the endgame. Ugh.

Wine World's Moving Sale

Wine World & Spirits, the massive Wallingford wine, beer, and spirits retailer, will relocate soon, though they haven't announced where. In the meantime, they're offering 15 percent off everything, which is pretty insane. Time to go plunder!

Canlis' Cool Chef Collab Series

Canlis has been importing famous chefs to hang out with Brady Williams and make magic, and it looks to be an ongoing affair. This episode is particularly cool because, Seattle Met reports, it features Sean Gray, the chef de cuisine of Momofuku Ko. Momofuku Ko is, of course, David Chang's super famous, super small tasting menu spot in New York. Seattle Met also reports that the thing sold out in about 30 minutes, which isn't terribly surprising. Consider me jealous of all the diners who will get to eat that food and take home a sweet commemorative poster by my dude Sasha Barr.

Stay tuned for more, of course.

And Here's This

Because Donald Trump Jr. did a treason, David Brooks did #sandwichgate, and Kid Rock kind of announced a senate campaign, all in the space of a week, here's a video of an adorably scruffy Alton Brown doing a Negroni in three parts and then rubbing citrus on his fuzzy face. Enjoy 42 seconds of diversionary, drinky silliness!