Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up


I appreciate the last comment from the woman detailing how her fantasies interact wonderfully with finding the love of her life. She is right that too often what we hear about is how 3-ways and other multi-partner scenarios go horribly wrong. It's interesting to hear from a success story. I'm sure there are many others out there .
Zoo @1, I agree! I have zero personal interest in her particular kink, but in a column that focuses on peoples' sexual dilemmas and deals with some very thorny issues, it's refreshing once in a while to hear a story with such a happy ending. It's also way-hot to hear someone describe their own sex life in such exuberant, life-affirming detail. Thanks for writing, Lovecast #475!
What a wonderful story from Fiona. I'm so glad she found her perfect partner.
Wow! Fiona are you for real? Your letter reads like a story by angique_sophie on literotica.
I want to be Fiona.
I want to be /in/ (a) Fiona. (I've wondered about how.) I guess I need to join FetLife.
"I'm allowing for the possibility/probability that some/many/most are telling the truth when they pull the dicks out of their mouths long enough to say they're straight."

OK, so why don't you just come out and admit it--you're a closeted Heterosexual! Either that or perhaps these "straight" guys might be at least bi? You often rant out the need for bi visibility. Allowing these guys to say they are "straight" contributes to bi-invisibility.
Wow, that last letter is fantastic.
*seriously considers joining Fetlife*
Cheers to you, Fiona! I'm happy you've made your dreams come true! It is very heartening to read a letter like that.
What a coincidence: I also like dancing in lingerie for others, and my very first femme name was… Fiona
If it is real, great, but what a "Penthouse Letter" vibe. Oh the days of yore...
@11 - Pretty much what I was thinking too. It checks a few too many of those kink boxes to make it seem truly plausible.
11, 12
Not that it matters, but I think Fiona is likely to be real. By ‘real’ I also acknowledge that people who enjoy parading around in lingerie may, on rare occasions, slightly over glorify their history.
Just like folks in all other segments of population and regardless of lingerie.

Fiona wasn’t degrading herself or her acts, something a malicious, pseudo-moralist writer would have done. She also addressed safety issues in a very convincing manner.

While not an expert on lifestyles, from what I gather it is possible to find sufficient action if you live in a big enough area, knowing what you want and confident enough to go out there and find it.
From my very own subjective point of view I also suspect that being a cis female who’s interested in (mostly, I assume) younger men can be helpful in the getting action dept.

No, I don't think it's someone trying their hardest to be depraved just to get people in an uproar. It's like cocky @11 says - "Dear Penthouse, I never believed it would happen to me, but..." It reads like pure fantasy, finding the gangbangs of her dreams and everyone is super respectful and oh we even went camping together and then you just wouldn't believe, but a super built muscular black stud who's nearly two decades younger than me came walking in and oh I slept over with him and we had breakfast and since then we haven't been apart and he loves sharing me with other guys and even though he told me he was jealous once I told him he was the love of my life and he fell asleep between my boobies and everything was perfect and sunshine and rainbows and BBC. *shrug* Perhaps I am too cynical, but I'm just not buying it.
"It reads like pure fantasy, finding the gangbangs ..."
Who knows- maybe our friend "raindrop" wrote it
or maybe Dr. Helen?

Pfffft! Or maybe a certain 'H' who seems to have disappeared?
Ssshhh... I was reluctant to mention the one who should not be mentioned...