Orphan Radios Joe Gillick and Sage Redman are helping some of Seattles finest electronic-music labels to peddle their wares.
Orphan Radio's Joe Gillick and Sage Redman are helping some of Seattle's finest electronic-music labels peddle their wares. Steve Korn

Orphan Radio's Sage Redman and Joe Gillick will be hosting a pop-up record shop at LoveCityLove on Sunday, July 23, from noon to midnight, in addition to live broadcasting its usual array of diverse music at orphanrecords.co.uk. Several of the city's most interesting electronic-music labels and collectives will be selling records and merchandise as well as doing DJ sets throughout the day. On the bill and laying out their goods will be MOTOR Collective, Further Records, Budget Cuts Records & Tapes, Jungle Gym Records, and others. (No cover charge.)