The French Army Marching Band Performed a Daft Punk Medley for Bastille Day, and Trump Clearly Didn't Get It


It would appear that the French Army used an abbreviated version of the same arrangement of Daft Punk music that Pentatonix has been winning awards with:…
Trump always pulls that dime-store-Mussolini crossed arms pose when he's confused and can't figure out what he's supposed to be doing.
Uhm, what's to get?
You and he really aren't in a position to be making fun of the appearances of other people's wives.
That's a band of the combined armed forces - army, marines, air force, and navy. The headgear tells all.
Oh Slog, you make up for so much boring BS when you post a gem like this. The look on Marcon's face when he realizes what they're playing is just priceless. He masters the catty smile quickly, but oh, what a gem!
@2: was that necessary? did brigitte macron do something to deserve your ire? or are you just a sexist cunt like trump? i think we know the answer.

@2 Vying with Herr Gropenf├╝hrer to see which one of you can be more uncouth?
The Madam Marcon hand clutching and jerking routine was gruesome. His words were gross, but that grabbing, clutching, pulling thing is truly loaded with abnormal psych pathology.
@8, That's just his way of saying he's never been touched by a woman.
Since a great many Americans, including Trump, are unfamiliar with Daft Punk, then it's a stretch to be amused by this.

And those who say they are amused, aren't really that much and are just saying they are to be polite and hip, as we're always intimidated by everything French whether we like it or not.
Shame they didn't do YMCA.
@12, Abridged version: "There exists a hugely successful band, but nobody actually likes their music. I know because I'm definitely not French."
Marcon is a right wing pig.