Salt and Straw is bringing not just spoonfuls but entire cones and bowls of ice cream to Ballard! And Capitol Hill! Whoo!
Salt and Straw is bringing not just spoonfuls but entire cones and bowls of ice cream to Ballard! And Capitol Hill! Whoo! Salt and Straw

Salt and Straw Sets Sights on Ballard

The wildly popular Portland ice cream chain is opening its second Seattle location in Ballard this winter, they recently announced.

"Our Ballard shop will sit pretty near Caffe Umbria, The Matador, La Isla, and the rest of the historic neighborhood's gems," they wrote in a Facebook post, also teasing their original Seattle venture: "Psst: Our Capitol Hill shop will open Winter 2017, too, so look forward to a very sweet new year!"

Opening an ice cream shop in winter sounds, on paper, like a difficult prospect, but Seattleites seem to be unrelenting ice cream fiends these days. I've been baffled several times by long lines at the Capitol Hill Molly Moon's in the dead of winter.

Sweet Bumpas Slides Into Former Six Strawberries Space

Speaking of cult favorite ice cream, farmer's market favorite Sweet Bumpas has a new commissary kitchen space in Georgetown, and they'll be serving scoops from a window for a few hours each week.

A Truck Full of Eels Tipped Over on U.S. 101

A semi, carrying slime eels to be shipped off to Korea, where they are a delicacy, tipped over on U.S. Highway 101. OregonLive has all the juicy—er, slimy—details, but suffice to say it was a mess for the ages. You see, 'slime eel' is a slangy term for hagfish. Hagfish are terrifying (they have skulls but no bones!) and they also secrete tons and tons of mucus when scared. As you might imagine, getting hucked out of their saltwater tanks to die on the asphalt was pretty scary for them, and holy shit if this isn't one of the more insane and gross things I've ever seen.


On the plus side, the calls to the insurance company afterwards must have been 24 karat comedy gold.

Broadway Poke and Sushi Now Open

Broadway Poke and Sushi is now selling sushi burritos up on Broadway and John, Eater reports. They've got all the standard poke, a pretty straightforward selection of sushi rolls, and, apparently, a fish-less poke bowl for vegans. While that just sounds like a rice bowl to me, I'm sure there are vegans out there who are now stoked to get in on the poke madness. Maybe they, like, use the same cure on the tofu or something? Who knows? Or cares, at this point?

Popeyes Pops Up in White Center

We've got a shitload of amazing fried chicken in Seattle. So much that I might even argue we don't need a new chicken chain location. However, Popeyes has its devotees, and I'm sure they'll be thrilled to hear that the chain has opened a new location in White Center, as reported by White Center Now. No disrespect to our venerable friends from Louisiana, but I'm just going to take this opportunity to remind you that Ma'ono Fried Chicken & Whisky is also in the West Seattle zone, and that Cam Hanin is one of our city's culinary treasures.