Seattle Food News: Portland Ice Cream Chain to Open Two Shops in Seattle, An Eelsplosion, and, Of Course, More Poke


popeye's costs what, 1/3 of what ma'ono does?
Look I get that "eels" is a funny word, but hagfish are fucking metal and do not deserve to be mistaken for eels.
I think Seattle's reached the ice cream tipping point.
Why are revolting local dishes always called "delicacies?" Why not just say "Koreans eat slime eels" instead of "Slime eels are a delicacy in Korea?"

/pet peeve

Those are not synonymous statements.
@4 Because delicacy is a specific word that implies a specific demand for them and also explains why they are transported in saltwater tanks and shipped halfway across the world.

Also, @2, yer right, hagfish are metal as fuck.
That sweet bumpas ice cream window isn't in Georgetown. It's in South Park. Look at the map.
@j-ion, our window is located in the Equinox Studios Development in Georgetown. We're a block off of Michigan Avenue on 5th Avenue South...same block as Counterbalance Brewery. Look for the bright blue window. We hope to see you for a scoop!
Still waiting for Seattle to get nitrogen ice cream. Why so slow?