Mayor Ed Murray Issues Executive Order to Equip Police Officers With Body Cameras


Interesting timing. Also, some expert should analyze Murray's handwriting. His signature is drunken.
I guess now that he's out the door, Murray finally has a backbone.
Hey--better late than never at all. SPD use of body cameras has been a long time in coming. Charleena Lyles didn't have to die just because an officer responding to her burglary call "didn't have a taser".
Alternative takes:

"Police officers breathe a collective sigh of relief after learning that city will rush ahead with body camera program, preserving opportunity for police to disable cameras before engaging in behavior that is unacceptable to the public."

"Axon and other data aggregators applaud Seattle mayor's decision to immediately deploy dozens of public surveillance cameras."

"Without any policy guaranteeing public access to recordings or preventing the use of the devices to create what amounts to a roving band of federal data collection devices, mayor authorizes police department to start using body cameras however and whenever they see fit."
How much will this system cost compared to an open-source option such as CopCast?…