Health Insurance for 22 Million Americans Has Come Down to a Blood Clot Above John McCain's Left Eye


You're right on on this one Charles.
Even if it passes the senate, doesn't it have to pass the house too?
Dr. Bitch McCONjob has carefully examined the national healthcare problem, and his learned diagnosis is "TOO MUCH SOCIALISM."

Prepare for freedom and premature death, piss-ons.
Odd symmetry, because the ACA came down to Ted Kennedy's Glioblastoma.

It nah funni.
@2 - Given that the Senate would be voting on a modified House bill, it would go to a committee for resolution - but they'd be too eager too get it signed so I think it would just be whisked down Pennsylvania Avenue.
- Romney making that crack about 47% of the electorate being unreachable and dependent on the welfare state, then pulling in 47% of the popular vote himself.

- The "death panels" that Palin and the other loonies screamed about, essentially being what the state medicaid committees will be, if this horrendous healthcare bill became law.

- The GOP moaning for years about how the ACA was "forced down America's throat" despite all evidence to the contrary, then turning around and attempting to do precisely that (behind closed doors), the moment they gained a majority in the legislature again.

- This.

The GOP is the party of irony (and hypocrisy), for those who can see it.
@6 - True that.