Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones Has Caused a Twitter Storm


he was there specifically at Maisie Williams' request. she's a big fan. she's 20.
I don't know who Ed Sheeran is.


This poll is really uneven. What's actually keeping Hannibal Buress of GoT? He could pop up in Dorne couldn't he?
Maisie Williams mentioned in an interview that he'd be in an episode, and I was at least relieved to see that he was there to do little more than singing. It could have been far worse. Personally I'm against cameos with big names, even if they are actors. It pulls me out of it. Ian McShane was distracting for me, and he's an actor (who did a fine job). Same with Sean Bean, but many of us already knew how short his tenure on the show would be.

I really loved "I see Fire", the song Sheeran did for The Desolation of Smaug. (Part of that could be that I was introduced to it during a particularly awful patch in my life where I was feeling pretty abandoned, so the line about how "if this is to end in fire, we'll all burn together" hit me pretty hard, but I digress.) Plus, he looked quite appropriate as a Lannister soldier, with his coloring. He even looked a bit like the kid with the ears and the herbivore eyes that was talking about how dismayed he was at finally seeing King's Landing.

That Tormund + Brienne = Sheeran image is pretty spot on, I have to admit.
Completely neutral about it, although that could be because I don't really know much about Sheeran. I was just wondering why this goofy looking actor was getting so much close-up camera time.

It was a pretty good scene though, Arya has basically been a murder-bot for two seasons now, and she needs to be confronted by the reality that the people she is killing are mostly just normal people who were simply born on the other side of the war. Just peasants following orders so they can eat. The scene did a very good job of that.
Not the first musician cameo either. Don't recall there being such a huge backlash previously.