Patty Murray Calls DeVos Subordinate's Rape Comments "Egregious," Says She Should Be Fired


Jocelyn Elders had to resign because she said that jerking off was normal, and Republicans were OUTRAGED. So yeah, this lady needs to go.

How much does anyone care to bet that DeVos won't do jack-shit about it?
RepubliKKKans hold diverse opinions on this topic, all the way from "sluts were asking for it," to "the bitch set me up," and "grab 'em by the pussy."

How anyone could be angry with these good Christian ladies is a true mystery.
Republican women are just as stone cold and wrong birches as Republican men.
Misogynistic women are even worse than sexist men. They are so anxious to please men that they will trash any and all women. Envy, jealousy...inbred to get the top male.

Until women can treat each other as colleagues as opposed to women desperate to “win a man” we’re sunk in trying to break glass ceilings whether as scientists, CEOs (Only 4% of Fortune 500 companies have women CEOs which is DOWN from last year), or as president of the United States.

53% of college-educated white women voted for Trump. 1) The number of misogynistic women is higher than thought and 2) a bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean much these days....”College-educated” seems to be equivalent to having a GED! Places such as Brigham Young University and Ole Miss STILL seem to be leading in Mrs. degrees for women. Sad!
Firing people for saying non-PC things is not a good idea if you want to get Trump out of the White House