Violent crime and marijuana usage: not a thing.
Violent crime and marijuana usage: not a thing. SANGRIANA VIA GETTY IMAGES

Two weed-related amendments didn’t make it to the House floor, thanks to asshole Republicans. But, a weed-related amendment protecting state’s medical marijuana rights did make it past Senate Appropriations —thanks in part, to…Republicans. Oh well, sometimes you just gotta suck it up and say, “Thanks, John McCain.” (No, you don’t, fuck that guy.) Anyway, the Washington weed industry can’t manage their waste, a tone-deaf anti-pot billboard pops up in Yakima, Cheech and Chong meet Snoop, and more. Read on.

House Republicans Are Assholes.

Good lord, what did they do this time? The House Rules Committee blocked two weed-related amendments from making it to the floor: one was the Veterans Equal Access Amendment, which would have allowed veterans access to medical marijuana programs in their states, and another amendment that would have let hemp growers use federally-controlled water sources. Why did they do this? See above headline.

Medical Marijuana, 1; Sessions, 0

it might have a long name but the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment is an important one. It stops the DOJ from using federal funds to interfere with state’s medical marijuana laws. Back in May, Sessions asked Congress to reject the amendment, but on Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved it (with a fair amount of Republican support, actually), as they have every year since 2014.

On top of that, former Jets player Marvin Washington and a group of other plaintiffs have sued Sessions (along with the DOJ and the DEA) alleging that “classifying cannabis as a ‘Schedule I drug’ is so irrational that it violates the U.S. Constitution.” But Tom Angel from Mass Roots says not to take that lawsuit too seriously.

The Washington Weed Waste Mess

Wow, Washington. Your weed industry creates a ton of waste! (Well 850 tons, or 1.7 million pounds, to be exact). According to the latest column from Stranger weed reporter Lester Black, most compostable weed waste ends up being dumped in landfills instead of at compost centers where it’s processed in more environmentally-friendly ways.

Maybe This is a Solution?

One weed dispensary in Maine offered free marijuana—2 grams of flower per trash bag—to people who cleaned up garbage in their community last weekend (although weed is still not technically legal in the state yet, “gifting” it is). Stoner idea: citizen compost haulers in Washington state can go to marijuana farms, get free weed, then in exchange, haul some waste to composting facilities themselves. Problem solved, dude!

No Marijuana Link to Violent Crime in Washington State

I mean, duh. But I guess someone had to actually look into it—since Sessions has been squawking about marijuana’s supposed ties to violent crime—and the News Tribune found that since weed was legalized in 2015, Washington’s rate of violent crime has been trending downward – like the rest of the country.

Washington State Anti-Pot Billboard is a Fail

“We don’t need pot to have fun, we’re Hispanics—we’re cool by default,” read the awkward, tone-deaf message on a Yakima billboard. Even more awkward: the message on the billboard was created with the help of a group of Latino youth—a message that Health-department spokeswoman Julie Graham thought would “be effective in their demographic.”

Cheech and Chong, Meet Snoop

In what Snoop Dogg described as an “emotional high,” the Grand Wizard of Weed met the grandfathers of weed for the very first time on SiriusXM show Sway in the Morning. They shot the shit about their favorite strains (they’re all fans of Kush and California-grown weed), and shared their worst weed-buying experiences (Snoop was sold dirt in Nigeria, and Chong once crushed up just the leaves and smoked them —he got a headache).