Bookers Marijuana Justice Act sure sounds dreamy, but it doesnt stand a chance.
Booker's 'Marijuana Justice Act' sure sounds dreamy, but it doesn't stand a chance. MARIO TAMA VIA GETTY IMAGES

It would definitely be awesome if Cory Booker’s new bill seeking to reschedule marijuana had a chance in Congress, but… it doesn’t. However, some good news on the CBD front: It looks like more people are using CBD to treat what ails them. And Sessions is back to writing letters threatening to mess with state marijuana laws again. Read on!

Cory Booker Introduces Marijuana Bill

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker—who fell from grace after it was revealed that he once took donations from Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump—may be trying to redeem himself with a new bill that would take marijuana off the list of Schedule 1 drugs and incentivize states to legalize it. It would even withhold federal funds from states that incarcerate minorities due to marijuana infractions.

The Marijuana Justice Act sure sounds dreamy, but as Politico reports, “it has virtually no chance of passage in the Republican-controlled Congress and in a presidential administration that’s decidedly anti-marijuana.”

Oh well. At least this is pretty funny.

Study Shows More People Self-Medicating with CBD

A ground-breaking new study of CBD users found some interesting information: for instance, 58 percent of CBD-only users are women, more people are using CBD instead of opiates and traditional medications to treat their pain (anxiety, depression, and joint pain top the list), and the preferred method of consumption is to vape.

Oh, Sessions and Your Strongly Worded, Misleading Letters!

No one seems to be listening to Attorney General Session’s harsh words and veiled threats for states with medical and legal weed. Even still, seems like he’s on a tear again, this time writing a letter to Governor Inslee and other officials in Washington State. In it, he cites some strange, shady statistics from a study courtesy of US Office of National Drug Control. From Leafly:

Some of the statistics are misleading. The letter says, for example, that “In 2014 alone, 17 THC extraction labs exploded,” but it doesn’t say whether those labs were above-board operations or amateur, black-market concentrate makers. Virtually all explosions related to extraction have occurred at illegal and unregulated facilities.

He also writes that “Washington State marijuana has been found to have been destined for 43 different states,” though he doesn’t specify what that means. While there have been some recorded examples of larger shipments of cannabis being diverted out of the state, Sessions’ numbers could very well include a tourist’s attempt to bring a vape pen home on an airplane.

You Won’t Make the Much Green Working in Legal Weed in Washington State

You’ll make about $13-16 an hour on average. Read more about this and other fun facts our intrepid weed reporter Lester Black found wading through Washington State Institute for Public Policy’s new report on the industry.

Oh, Kanye and Your Ridiculous Dramas!

Kanye West had sort of a meltdown (surprise!) and cancelled his Saint Pablo tour after he said he loved Trump, shit talked Jay Z and Beyoncé, and walked off stage a few times before finishing his set. Oh well, erratic star meltdowns are the kind of thinking insurance was made for! Only now, his insurance company claims that Kanye’s “use of marijuana” could help them deny his claim. So, he’s suing them!