NRA to North Korea: Bomb California Instead of Guam


Oh dear, the twitter sewer backed up into The Stanger again.
Oh dear, Republicans hating America and aligning with its enemies again.
Wow, I wonder how many NRA members live in Sacramento.
I'm sure it's more than a few...
its a joke, libtards! jeez, can't we laugh about a thermonuclear war destroying the state that disproves our beliefs?
Just like Sarah Palin using crosshairs to target the Obamacare-lovin Congress members they wanted to take out in 2010. "Don't retreat, reload" she said! Such a great joke, and hey, they got 18 of those seats back, so having one mentally ill person shoot Gabby Giffords was a small price to pay. Those gun-lovin Republicans sure are funny!
@5: Yes, and Marco Rubio's dad helped kill JFK. You're hyping a disproved fact.
Conservatives are dullards and nitwits who are easily manipulated by cynical people who make their living off of them. It should be no surprise that their level of comedy is that of a twelve year old boy with a mother who dropped him repeatedly on his head as an infant. The only surprise is that they knew how to spell Guam and were able to locate California.
@6: Thank you for the info, but I don't believe Max was seriously making that assertion. I read a pretty strong tone of sarcasm.

The point is that the GOP often makes wildly inappropriate and irresponsible statements that they refuse to apologize for, and it adds to the toxic tone of modern politics.
@8: Perhaps
Just because you're obviously not serious doesn't mean you're obviously not being a cunt.