For this year's Hempfest we sent The Stranger's weed columnist, Lester Black, down to Myrtle Edwards Park to ask the question on everyone's mind: How high are you?

Big Mike "Not really very high. It takes a lot to get me high. When I get high I get normal."

Lester Black
Madison (after doing a dab): "I'm where I need to be."

Lester Black
Karen, while hanging out in her pontoon kayak: "Not high enough! It's the first day of the festival so I just set up my booth, but now that's set up so I'm about to have a safety meeting. So from this point on we're going to get very high."

Lester Black
Frosty (left): "I'm fucking faded." Flip (Right): "I'm fucking faded AND blunted."

Lester Black
Marc Anthony: "Honestly, I'm not high. Maybe a little bit of a contact high."

Lester Black
Franz: "I'm like a two on a scale of one to ten, pretty mellow."


Pollywog: "I'm not high."
The Stranger: "Wow, really? You're not high?"
Pollywog : "I'm not high."

Lester Black

The Stranger: "How high are you guys?"
The Stranger: "How high are you guys?"
"What? What is He Saying?"

Lester Black
Guy with a dirty bong: "I'm not that high, that's what I'm trying to make happen right now."

Lester Black

Graham (Right): “We just got here, so we’re just starting. The plane is just now taking off.”
The Stranger:: “How’s that burger?”
Leah (Left): “It’s vegan!”

Lester Black
Chris : "Hmmmmmmm, gimme like a 7 out of 10"

Lester Black

The Stranger: “How high are you, Sweet Pea?”
Sweet Pea: [no comment]