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Generals Convinced Trump to Send More Troops to Afghanistan: When then-Apprentice host Donald Trump meddled in foreign policy in 2012, he repeatedly called for the end of the Afghanistan War. “It is time to get out of Afghanistan," he tweeted. As you know by know, that changed. Trump announced a plan yesterday that would increase troops in the region with no end in sight for the longest war in American history. The Times details how Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and national security adviser H.R. McMaster convinced him to do it.

Solar Eclipse Tide Causes Accidental Release of 305,000 Salmon Near San Juan Islands: Go fishing! The Washington Department if Fish and Wildlife is asking the public to catch as many Atlantic salmon as they can near Cyprus Island after a net broke at a commercial fish farm. Lummi fishers say the invasion could wreak "devastation" on the Washington pacific salmon. The fish and wildlife department is still evaluating potential penalties for the spill, which happened at Cooke Aquaculture fish farm.

Police Investigating Three Elderly Brothers Over Child Porn Collected Over Lifetime: King County prosecutors charged three brothers, Charles Emery, 82; Thomas Emery, 80; and Edwin Emery, 79, with possession of child porn. Police found videos and photos depicting sex abuse of young girls, as well as toys and girls' clothing. Police are also investigating the possibility of homicide and sex abuse.

Lawsuit Filed Against Initiative to Ban Safe Consumption Sites: A group called Protect Public Health filed the complaint against Initiative 27, saying it would block the county from addressing a public health crisis, namely the opioid epidemic.

The Seattle Times Editorial Board is Concern Trolling on Homelessness: Stranger staff writer Heidi Groover returned to her hobby of dressing down the backdoor virgins in sensible shoes who comprise the collective voice of the city's daily paper. This time, the Times' editorial board wrote in opposition to City Council Mike O'Brien's proposal to give amnesty to people who live in RVs and cars in exchange for connection to services. The Times argues we should be housing the homeless. Duh, Groover responds, but short-term solutions need to work with long-term solutions.

Man Shot at Homeless Camp in Sodo: He is being treated for life-threatening injuries, the Seattle Times reports.

Save Your Eclipse Glasses: Astronomers Without Borders will soon be announcing an initiative to recycle them for classrooms in Asia and South America, which will see eclipses in 2019.