Didn't Even See the Truck At First


Thank goodness the auto industry will be OK, I was so worried.
Or maybe the truck got pulled into the water instead of someone driving into it.
Dan, objectifying strippers is one thing (still kinda ick), but objectifying people trying to help someone is a little different, and it shows a bit of entitlement on your part.
You're a role model, like it or not, and you need to set an example.
Speaking of objectifying, I'll take the one on the far right in the red shorts, please.
@3: If flood butts did not want to be ogled, they should not have become flood butts.

Have you tried just yanking the stick out? Kind of an ironic comment from a guy with a "calm your tits" avatar.
Dan's a role model? For what? As a famous, foul-mouthed provocateur this seems pretty on-brand.
@4, how can you choose just one? I'll take a baker's dozen, please.
I guess if anyone knows about sticks that should be removed from asses, it would be you. I'm sure it's an issue you deal with quite regularly.
@6 and the rest
Yes, Dan is a role model, and he's done a lot of very good work helping young LGBT youth to realize "it gets better".
Dan also often speaks out about social justice and LGBT rights. He is definitely a role model, and I appreciate the work he does.
That doesn't mean that he hasn't made a few mistakes along the way,lime support of the Iraq War.

If a celebrity or a journalist made a comment sexualizing female flood victims I would feel the need to speak out.
I didn't say Dan was a bad person, I said he should think before he makes comments like this.
Let's not forget, over 300,000 people just lost their homes due to this hurricane, and I doubt any of them are in the mood to be joking about it just yet.
@4 - You have excellent taste and hopefully he tastes excellent, too! YUMMMMM
@8: You had almost a half hour and you did not even think up your own insult. That is just lazy. Your comment is very uninspired.

Humor is how human beings cope with bad situations and the unknown. So just go ahead and calm your tits.
If my comment is lazy and uninspired, than I guess yours is doubly so.
Let's not forget, it took you an hour to come up with your response.

Honestly thought, the opinion of a right-wing apologist likes yourself means less than nothing to me.
Oh no, how dare someone obectify a bunch of anonymous, faceless, shirtless men in a newspaper. That's almost as bad as objectifying a stripper. (???)
I think it's pretty likely that at least one, if not more, of these young men is under 18 - which means Dan isn't much better than Special Ed.
You guys are funny.
I think the inappropriateness of this post is less about the objectification itself and more due to the fact that these are people who have just lost everything who are in the midst of a dangerous and physically exhausting task and will probably spend the next 5-10 years rebuilding their lives, while you sit from a safe distance ogling their asses (which are frankly just ok based on the limited view we have). It's not like the internet isn't full of male asses that aren't in the midst of a life-altering catastrophe for you to drool over. I'm not mad about it personally but i can see why someone might be put off.
Blip @ 16 - I personally find it more offensive that this picture (which shows "people who have just lost everything who are in the midst of a dangerous and physically exhausting task and will probably spend the next 5-10 years rebuilding their lives", as you said) was used to illustrate the "good news" that the auto industry will profit from their misfortune.

And no, that's not because I find their asses worth ogling - all of these guys are way too thin and way too young to attract my attention.
I am a bad man.
Dan @ 18 - As the t-shirt says, "Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go everywhere"!
@17 yes that too

@18 yes but more for that one time you personally started the war in iraq than this post specifically
Personally, I'm outraged that the outrage of this outrage wasn't more outragie-ier!

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm still partial to the butt on the right. And I say that as someone who was once a hot young thing with a nice butt who helped out in the aftermath of floods and tornadoes. (I am from Iowa, after all.)
It's fun to giggle, ogle, and tee-hee, but it always chips away at our decorum.
It's not yet Labor Day, Raindrop dear. We can still have a few yucks out on the patio before we have to return to the dining room.
I agree.
Again, I agree.
The stupid "good for the auto industry" joke was much worse than Dan's.
Dan, you aren't a bad person. We can all be a little shitty sometimes.
@4/21/23 --- I suppose I can let you have the one on the right, if I can have all the others.
Yet one more reason God attempted to Destroy that vile evil city full of strapping young men in shorts. Disgusting! LOOK at that picture and tell me what SIN you feel! LOOK again...
I'd love to be the car, being helped by all of them at the same time.