Sorry ladies, no getting high here.
Sorry ladies, no getting high here. MATTHIAS TUNGER VIA GETTY IMAGES

Weed’s been laying low this week, trying to stay out of the spotlight –since it looks like the Feds are demanding personal info about medical marijuana users in some states, and we don’t really know why yet. Also, weed has not been invited to join the party in Las Vegas casinos. But at least weed smokers have their own distinct walk now. Read on.

Feds Want MMJ Data

Uh oh! The White House’s National Marijuana Initiative has asked the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont for information on over 40,000 medical marijuana patients in the state. As part of their request, they’ve asked for gender, age, and specific medical conditions.

Dale Quigley, the deputy coordinator of the National Marijuana Initiative, who has a history of being against openly against legalization, says the data will only be used for “research” - “to look for a correlation between marijuana use in states with legalization and how strictly those same states regulate medical marijuana.” But the request has many state officials, including Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, concerned that the move compromises patient’s personal information.

Small Pot Farms In Washington Aren’t Making Any Money

Is Washington State going to be a bastion for big bud businesses only? It’s definitely shaping up that way. A report by the Stranger’s Lester Black shows that Tier 1 producers – the smallest of the types of growers (consider them sort of like mom-and-pop stores) – are struggling with the high excise tax, expensive regulations, and competing with the bigger weed producers, so much so that Tier 1 producers only sold a paltry 2% of all cannabis on the market.

Cannabis As An Exit Strategy for Opioid Addiction

Photojournalist Charles Mostoller documented the lives of five former opioid addicts who have used marijuana to cope with their addiction and withdrawal symptoms, and the results are pretty compelling. From one former addict:

The funny thing is that I don’t even want to smoke pot, but it helps me. I don’t sleep a lot at night. I wake up, I’ll close my eyes, and I see things I don’t want to see. I think about the things that I’ve done, and it gets to me, it affects me. So I just use marijuana medicinally to stay on an even keel and to function and have no social anxiety. To be able to get out there and do the things I want to do.

Read the full story here.

All Oregon Weed Now Tested For Pesticides

After a number of disturbing contamination scares, Oregon is now requiring that 100% of “all cannabis product batches” be tested for pesticides. The state has managed to upgrade their testing labs and put more stringent protocols in place.

Cannabis Conferences May be “Leaving Las Vegas

Even though recreational weed is now legal in Nevada, it’s not allowed to be consumed in casinos (fair enough I suppose – perhaps it's not best to play Blackjack while wickedly high?). But now, the Nevada Gaming Commission wants to discourage cannabis conventions from being in casino and hotel conference spaces. While nothing is official yet, it would be a shortsighted move – the canna-business brings in big bucks.

Also, the Gaming Commission claims, dabbling in supporting still-federally illegal marijuana ventures is dangerous - that in fact "the reputation of the gaming industry is at stake." Yes, Nevada Gaming Commission, keep protecting that that stellar reputation of casinos.

Netflix's New Weed Show Is Disjointed, But Their New Strains Are On Point

Netflix’s new comedy about cannabis, called Disjointed and starring Kathy Bates, has been getting terrible reviews from critics and fans alike. But that hasn’t stopped Netflix from rolling out a series of branded weed strains named after some of their popular shows – and at least some of those are funny. There’s ones named after Arrested Development (“Banana Stand Kush”), Orange Is The New Black (“Poussey Riot”), and Mystery Science Theater 3000 (“Moon 13”). The strains will be tailored to the shows they are named after: comedies will be indica dominant, and dramas will be more sativa dominant. The strains will only be sold at a West Hollywood pop-up shop for MMJ patients.

Cannabis Smokers Walk Funny

According to a new study by researchers at the University of South Australian cannabis smokers “tend to move their shoulders less, but their elbows more, as they walk.” Their knees also “swing more quickly” (whatever that means). "The results suggest that history of cannabis use is associated with long-lasting changes in open-chain elements of walking gait,” the study said. Luckily, the researchers were able to record this rare video of a cannabis walker in action: