UPDATE: Murray's Accusers React to His Plan to Resign


How long did those in power all over the state know about this shit and say nothing? How many elected officials and well known progressive media spokespeople know about this crap?

And what other child rapists are holding elected office in Washington state? Maybe The Stranger could do some journalism and find out?
@1 While not impossible, it is highly unlikely that "those in power" knew about this before or beyond the public accusations. If they did, they would have at least kept him out of office, even without proof of the charges, if only to keep him from besmirching their party.

In real life, most people have some decency in them, even politicians. Don't let Trump & Co. completely obscure that.
"Those in power" have been defending this guy for months and following his lead on personally attacking sex crime victims. While it is not illegal to publicly harass and defame victims of childhood sexual abuse, it's not the type of behavior one wants from their local politicians. The problem is that the politicians in this town condoned Murray raping boys because they felt it was politically advantageous for them to turn a blind eye. Will we hear an apology from any members of the city council? No. Will they apologize to Murray's victims? No. It would be a small start if those who defended Murray would apologize for doing so. But in insane Seattle where it is ok to molest children as long as you're a gay politician, the rules of civil conduct apparently do not apply.
Powerful. @Syd, great work again.