The Arrival of iPhone X and the Death of the Apple Car Mark the Decline of Apple


Smartphones have been such capable devices for so long now, I don't know how people muster the enthusiasm for a new model every year or so.

And not to nitpick, but Red's upcoming phone will be more expensive than Apple's.…
Good article, Charles. Especially the Keynes reference. All these right-wing shitheads popped out of their bee-hive-Betty suburban cooches and into a fully-formed modern world with SUVs and malls and shit. No reason to pay forward, that's a chump's game.
Charles, I must disagree wholeheartedly with your article. Hang tight: ARKit is going to knock your socks off. Also, props for working the acronym "OLED" into the same paragraph as a mention of Marxism. First time I've ever seen them paired.
As we are now embracing Sharia Law and will continue moving toward the mass-veiling of women's faces, I'm not so sure how the face-recognition unlocking feature will fare.
@3 - the next almost-technology will always tell us it is here to save us from the current technology's constraints. That's tech marketing 101, and some very smart people fall for these false prophecies over and over.

Charles is right. The free market sucks at R&D. Basic materials science, applied physics, etc. are done in the socialist world of academia. Not to mention the infrastructure (both institutional and physical) that even makes that R&D possible. The free market makes profit. Not innovation. This is why we have 4 flavors of boner pill and drug resistant TB with no answer. Boner pills make profits. TB drugs do not.

If we think innovation is the same thing as PROFITABLE innovation, we're in for a rude surprise.
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