What You Need to Know About the Mayoral Succession


Not completely accurate. I would expect that once the Mayoral vote is certified, whoever wins will become Mayor immediately. I'd expect late November or early December. Just as when Gonzalez took her seat right after the 2015 election vote was certified.
Funny. No want wants to be mayor.
@1: Like the president, the mayor is inaugurated on Jan 20th and doesn't take office until then.
Nice try raindrop, but in Seattle all elected officials take office on the 1st of January. In this case, the will of the people through a vote would supersede an interim officeholder. Once the vote is certified the candidate that wins should become Mayor.
@3: "this guy"? what "candidate"? do you mean Bruce Harrell? are you accusing him of child rape?
@4 wrong as always
@5: Thank you. I stand corrected and JonnoN is welcome to add further commentary.
Nikkita Oliver does NOT need to endorse any member of a rival political party: is that done by the G.O.P.? Abroad? Pah!!!
Oliver's party has a rival party? what party is that?

And for however long Harrell is mayor then you can suck it "District 2"(!) You'll have no representative on the council. And you can bet there'll be solders billeted as well as article 3rd, section 2, shall not be annexed to the end of clause 2nd, you just wait and see.
Charter says mayor-elect becomes mayor after election and just keeps on going through their term.

It also says a majority of council elects the interim mayor, if they can't reach the majority they just keep trying.

It may be possible that nobody is mayor until after November election is certified on 11/28.

Gonzalez might be able to be temp mayor until her election is certified and resume a council position, if she wins re-election.
I hope the city council asks our president, Donald J. Trump, to appoint an interim mayor. Clearly the city council has no interest in governing this city, they only want to be "yes people" for developers.
@13: I'm sure that's the first item on their to-do list.

So if Harrell wants to be interim Mayor, that means he relinquishes his Council seat? And that means we're rid of him on January 1? Yes!!!!!
Harrell is only on the Council because his much more qualified rival got a DUI, all he did was play up the fact that he was once once a football player for UW. That is literally it.
Come on...let's not pretend we don't know what's going to happen next: Bruce will decline the mayoralty, the 6 will then elect Tim Burgess, locking out any input from Herbold, Sawant, and O'Brien. This isn't even pre-school level Seattle politics. I wager Sally nominates Tim before the 4 others who aren't Tim then slather him in praise.
In addition to the fact this will make the Downtown Association, the Chamber, Daniels, Touchstone, Hal & Vulcan wet with glee, it avoids almost all the sloppy crap: Harrell stays in his seat (no need for a special election, no need to drag Pete Holmes off his bong), Burgess is terming himself off the Council anyway (no need for a special election, no need to drag Pete Holmes off his bong). And it lets the 6 choose mini-Tim for his seat when he moves to the mayor's office for the next 3ish months.
@13: what the fuck are you on about now? are you drunk?