Council Members React to Mayor Ed Murray's Resignation


I need more rules from city attorney. City charter looks like the council could all take a pass.

I might be reading the vague city charter looks wrong, but it looks like it gives the position to the mayor-elect (once certified on 11/28).

If nobody leaves the council they just keep voting amongst themselves to fill the position even if nobody chooses to run.
Maybe there is a way the council runs things until 11/29.
Better headline, "Council Members Scramble to Mayor Ed Murray's Resignation".
Sawant is not interested in running for mayor for the same reason she's not interested in a citywide seat: She knows that she would never be elected.
great. sawant is already screaming in her unpleasant voice about changing the city budget. these councilmembers will be like pigs in slop squealing and squirming to ram their lil progressive plans in as fast as possible in the leadership vacuum.

its amazing that scumbag murray was able to stay mayor this long....only in seattle. ok, maybe SF.
The contrast between Harrell's statement (informative, self-effacing, professional but compassionate) and Sawant's statement is almost breathtaking.
@4: What is even more amazing is your sanctimonious blather. Ed is hardly a trailblazer-- he joins great company: Dennis Hastert, former Republican Speaker of the US House-- known child sexual abuses -r of at least 4 boys -- an convicted for paying hush money to cover it up.
Why can't the city council distance themselves from this victimizer? Why can't the city council apologize to the city for enabling him for so long? I hope the citizens of Seattle will be removing Sally Bagshaw, et al, who defended the creep. If Murray's defenders continue to have a political career in Seattle, it will reflect very poorly on this city. I encourage everyone to contact their local council member and demand they apologize for protecting and defending Murray during this insane scandal.
@6, is that sympathy for Ed?
@6, that's great. i don't care, D or R - murray is a scumbag and the city council that was terrified to seem un-pc are crap also. so are any R that assaulted anyone sexually - that should seem obvious.
Good (largely thankless) reporting, Heidi. Thx.
What the fuck, Burgess, abusing his foster son wasn't sufficiently unbearable?
Sawant has been mayor in all but name for years. Sidelining her is easy: grow a pair, and stand up for what you believe.

(Spoiler: neither the city council nor the next mayor will not grow a pair)
@7, nobody defended the creep. They didn't say they believed he was innocent. They just said blahblahblah, let the process play out. They aren't court judges; they're Councilmembers. And three of them asked him to resign.

And yeah, Burgess apparently thinks it wasn't THAT bad that Murray may have raped a non-family-member, but when its a family member, well, he's gotta go. What a great sense of morality.
Well the mayor changed his mind about resigning after all. These allegations are even to big for him to swallow.

While a mayor can change his mind, its not often we get to see it in public and in such a disgraceful setting.

Child molesting mayor refuses to step down and attacks victims publicly. Finally resigns after 5th(and related) victim comes forward. PC Seattle barely heard murmuring dissent.

It's yours. Own it.
Come on...let's not pretend we don't know what's going to happen next: Bruce will decline the mayoralty, the 6 will then elect Tim Burgess, locking out any input from Herbold, Sawant, and O'Brien. This isn't even pre-school level Seattle politics. I wager Sally nominates Tim before the 4 others who aren't Tim then slather him in praise.
"It's yours. Own it."

So what? Your point? Is this a reason to give up progressive liberalism and vote for Republicans? The ones whose top priority is to pass new laws protecting accused sex offenders and increasing suspicion and scrutiny toward accusers? The ones whose first questions are what was the slut wearing, and just how big a slut was she, anyway? We should vote in those motherfuckers? The fuckers who want rape victims charged for their own rape kits? The ones who think sentencing should be delated until the end of football season? Family values conservatives is what those fucking fuckers call themselves, right? Fuck that.

Fuck off. You fuck right off.
To add to what Our Dear Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn said, it's not like we could even vote for a Republican if we wanted to (p.s. we don't want to) because the GOP has largely abandoned the cities. They've done so because cities tend to have an educated population who see through their nonsense. About the only people who vote Republican in cities are greedy old rich people.

The GOP has painted themselves into a corner with the Bible Bunch and the Hee-haw crowd. Fewer and fewer people are going to church, the rural districts are getting more and more sparse, and white people are becoming a minority.

The Republican base is dying off, just not quick enough, so I guess you are stuck with us.
@18 @19 are fucking idiots. The point is that without the rightwing counterbalance in this city a huge moral vacuum has opened up which has enabled predators like Murray to get an open pass. "Own it" could also be read as "disown it" since the proper response would have been to run Murray out of town months ago. The only proper response now is to vehemently reject Murray and apologize to the rest of the world for protecting and enabling a sexual predator. This city has to look itself in the mirror and realize that by embracing left-wing degeneracy it paved the way for excusing and dismissing Murray's behavior as politically expedient. Is that really what this city is all about? Why haven't any council members apologized for not calling for his dismissal long ago? That would be the only prudent thing to do in this situation. Harrell, Bagshaw, Burgess, and most the others have no business representing this city now that they've laid their necks on the line for a rapist. Doesn't that offend people on the left? Or have they fallen to the same level as well?
Thumbs up Proud Alt White Guy. You're dead on. Instead of demanding that Murray go immediately they circled their wagons around him. It's pretty fucking pathetic.