"I’m Ready to Stop Reliving My Own Trauma": Washington State Politicians Respond to Ed Murray's Resignation


Lost in the many articles the last few days is the information that when Oregon state child abuse investigators reviewed accusation against Murray in the 1980s, they found several cases they deemed to be 'true.' Only one of the victims from that period came forward, but there were other, unnamed victims. Yes, there are more out there.
Look, Joe Paterno also did a bunch of "good things". None of that makes up for his crimes and I don't see why Murray isn't universally condemned.
Why is Garfield H.S. being used as the lead image to illustrate this article?

She may be in the foreground, but she is not the visual focus of the image, particularly in thumbnail views. If identifying her as the focus of the article was actually your intent than the photo should've been cropped to highlight her face rather than zoomed out to emphasize the background.

Without clarification, the caption implies that she represents the GHS community, which is false. Please provide an explanatory note of why you found it appropriate to use GHS to illustrate an article about child sex abuse outside of school settings. If you cannot provide an explanation for the appropriateness of insinuating a link between GHS, her, and child sexual abuse, then you should issue an apology to the GHS community and replace the photo with one of her district.