Moon and Durkan Neck-and-Neck in New Mayoral Election Poll


This poll seems meaningless with that large amount of undecided voters. Wouldn't get too excited about a Moon surge.
I got called for this weekend poll. The wording of the Murray popularity vote was to provide a 1-100 value to favorability of certain institutions. Those named institutions were Durkan, Moon, Oliver (!!) and Murray. Oliver was included in a couple other questions; I found it interesting that she's left a lingering mark on the summer election.
@1 orrrr "This poll shows there's a large amount of undecided voters. Could be a big surge if they break more one way."
@1, Isn't a "moon surge" a tidal phenomenon?
Besides, we all know the new Mayor is a man.

Right, Bruce?
Go, Cary Moon!

She has some clear momentum now and Durkan has discredited herself with her unwillingness to call for Murray's resignation until he had essentially already announced it.
This is a muchly needed pleasant surprise in my world.
In the Primary Moon got 18% and and Durkan 28%. So Cary has added another 18% and Jenny only 10%. And the survey was done before Murray resigned. If Durkan is counting on a bandwagon effect to carry her she is in trouble. Moon has all the "moonmentum".
moonmentum and durkinstitutional dem support..
Meh. Like every Seattle Mayoral race, it will be Vanilla versus Vanilla Bean. I'm happy that we'll have a female mayor. And that's about it.
The only thing that the primary election and this poll told me is that the people of Seattle will continue to vote for more taxes and more taxes with little to no accountability for those who hold office.
Pretty sad really.
Moon and Durken are Murray incarnate (except they actually have vaginas.)

We know how polls go don't we. Every poll showed Hillary winning..... until she didn't. 😏
400 likely voters, the poll means nothing.

We all know how this is going to go...stop wasting your breath, Moon doesn't have a chance. She's like a deer in the headlights every time she's on camera. Everything she says is scripted and awkward, why did she even run?
@1: A poll is a snapshot of opinion, not soothsaying. I don't know what else you're expecting here.
@11: "Moon and Durken are Murray incarnate (except they actually have vaginas.)"

Oh look, it's someone who "voted their principles" and encouraged the Trump administration.

If you legitimately can't see any difference between the two you are a terminally silly person and your opinions are worthless.
JuliesCrazy @ 11
“Moon and Durken are Murray incarnate (except they actually have vaginas.)”
Time to celebrate, we finally got rid of our homo mayor. Those fags, they all wish they were women, don’t they? At least our new mayor will have authentic parts.
Besides, why pay taxes to fund social programs when you can use the money to build new prisons, or simply give it to those friendly, accountable folks at the pentagon?
@14 & @15
I don't know how in the hell you got all that nonsensical garbage out of me pointing out that Ed Durkin and Cary Murray are no different than Ed aside from actually having a vag, but.... ok LOL.

Oh and @15.....
"Time to celebrate, we finally got rid of our pedo mayor."

I fixed it for you.
They both seem like horrible candidates but Durkan would have been my preference since she rates slightly lower on the scale for left-wing mental insanity. However, as soon as she accepted Murray's endorsement and asked him not to resign, she crossed a moral and ethical line which should disqualify her from holding elected office in this city. Now that Murray's pedophilia has been corroborated by yet another victim, the remaining undecided voters should come to their senses and support the candidate who first renounced him. Moon will be a shittier mayor than Durkan but at least she didn't seek the support of a rapist for political gain.
#11: Actually, Murray is Murray incarnate. The guy's not dead yet.

And it goes without saying that neither Durkan nor Moon are pedophiles.