Good Christian Boys: Jesus Worse Than Hitler


Someone needs to take two for the team and buttfuck their brains back in.
Everybody knows that the hurricanes are God's punishment for electing Trump.

(if they can do it, so can we)
it's not really Jesus, though. it's Yahweh, and he's always been a motherfucker like that.
Max dear, they don't even know how to spell Yaweh. Keep it simple. Keep it Jesus.

(but I agree with you. God in the Book of Genesis was just a horrible old crank.)
Or maybe Yahweh is just pissed about all the abominable shellfish consumption happening in the southern states - every think about THAT smart boys?
Okay a couple things.... (to the bozo twins)

1. Enunciate "Psalm" better, it sounds like "Saul",
2. Old Testament, really?

If you are going to carefully select psalm verses, like quote a couple more from Psalm 104

Verse 2 "The LORD wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent"
Verse 5 (My favorite) "He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved. " Opps, No one told the Big Kahuna about Gravity..
Verse 11 "They give water to all the beasts of the field; the wild donkeys quench their thirst."
Verse 15 "Wine that gladdens human hearts, oil to make their faces shine, and bread that sustains their hearts.

One gets gist from Psalm 104, it is an Agricultural lesson brought to you by God.. He also planted the cedars in Lebanon, when does she have the time?

Anyway, the rest is here...…

It is really unChristian to use certain parts of the Old Testament to justify one's point, while ignoring all the other stuff. It is also very uncool to take one verse out of context to the rest of psalm..
They are just feeling really conflicted about all that twincest up until they found god in their 20's
Funny thing happened the other day while chatting about the hurricanes with a couple right wing acquaintances and I joked about how some preacher would inevitably blame it all on teh gays. Blank stare. "They'd never do that." I pointed out all the times that Falwell et all had, and again...disbelief. "They'd never say that." Found the links to the videos of them saying it. Silence. No response. They were truly blown away that anyone would say that kind of thing and had never even heard about it before. The kind of knowledge about horrible shit on the right that we take for granted just doesn't even surface on their radar. They still go on thinking that somehow this is the librul media or gubmint being the problem.
Even by the standards of fundamentalist Christian logic, this is appallingly feeble. A gay hating, sex-hating, tran-hating God goes after Texas and the Florida keys (and the Caribbean islands... Every year, but only in September)? Wouldn't he want to reduce San Francisco to ashes first? Followed by Portland, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome... . I'm reckoning Texas doesn't make it to the top 50 targets of immorality to flood on a vengeful God's hit list.

So it's a pretty lame and feeble vengeful God that only destroys cities in a hurricane zone.
as usual, this type is only using jesus as a foil/excuse for their primal homo-loathing. it's got nothing to do with religious conviction or bible larnin'. i'm willing to bet solid money i've read more of the old and new testament than these rednecks have.
@9, Iknowright? God must have really shitty aim. Seattle is about the gayest city in the country, and boasts the lowest percentage of church attendance in the nation. You'd think Seattle would be #1 on vengeful god's target list; or at least within the top 5. But when was the last time you heard of a hurricane hitting Seattle? Never.
@9 Seriously. If anything, Gay god sent us this heatwave as if to say "enough with the shirts, boys."

I believe the preferred response from the Xtianists is: MYSTERIOUS WAYZ!
This is so outrageous it's boring.
I wonder what they think the Clovis people did wrong.
God may be speaking thru the winds, how can these good prayer boys know what he's saying.
Do they speak wind?
So I looked at this post and wondered why Dan even bothered wasting his time with these garbage heads. Then I read teh awesome comments! Good job guys, haven't had this much fun since the days of Goldy's Bible Studies.
@16 tongue, wind, all the same to them.
god is cool no matter the weather. any excuse to write about boys my goodness.
@16. Book of Psalms is really about hymnals and verses set to music. It is sort of like these two disingenuous twins quoting KC and the Sunshine Band lyrics out of context to make their point.

A lot of the psalms are ways of rote memory, given they were written centuries before the introduction of printing on the Western World. So they are simple, easy to remember, tell a bit of a story. However, they are hardly heavy reading..

What is really blasphemous, and it is blasphemous by these twins, is using the parts of the Old Testament as "Law'. The Old Testament is to give context to the New Testament, which is the new convenant, and the "Law" to which Christians abide by, as stated by Paul. Hence we don't execute those who have mixed blend shirts, or work on the Jewish Sabbath.

The Blasphemous Twins need a scary god to scare their followers, instead the God/Goddess in the New Testament. However, the God of the Old Testament is a different and angry god than the god they should obey in the New Testament.

Besides they could pick lots of verses in the New Testament to rationalized their hatred, but they decided to music lyrics to support their argument. (I can't believe they used the Book of Psalms, that is really weak).
Glad you're up on the basic texts ferret. Myself, I don't read or follow the words of a bunch of men from thousands of yrs ago.
Do not murder or steal or lie or commit sexual not covert thou neighbours wife/ husband/ gender neurtral partner...etc, these moral laws are in all religions and make sense for maintaining a civilised society.
Being gay or bi or trans or gender fluid, or asexual, or demisexual etc etc, as long as not knocking up the neighbours spouse, and it's between consenting adults, how are any moral lines crossed.

I see your point, the wind line is a stretch. And the water did damage too, where's their water quote.
I have been told Jesus said nothing about homosexuality. But he did say a lot about caring for sick, the poor, the hungry and the homeless. Doesn't he ever get bad about our nations neglect of those things?

@11, it is just a matter of time until a big earthquake hits the Pacific Northwest. Can you guess what the Benham Brothers will say then?
America is being punished for our massive contribution to global warming ... by reaping the effects of global warming. (No deity necessary, just cause and effect.)
The logic is not strong with these boys. But who needs logic when ya got faith!?

@11 - Don't worry, we in Seattle will get ours with the big ol' 9.0 Earthquake. God's just biding his/her time for some omniscient reason.
My brother and his husband just fine in Miami, although they lost a 20 foot palm in the front yard, and electricity for two days.

WiFi is still pretty spotty, but I believe Irma carved a real swatch through a bunch of Red States.

So either God's aim is off, or He's pissed at the homophobic states.