I guess this is blackmail kinda?
I guess this is blackmail kinda? MY DMS

Yesterday a stranger on the internet slipped into my DMs and gave me the news. "Anarcho-communists and related ideologies" have been sharing my story about the Chelan County Emergency Management employee who posted the "All Lives Splatter" meme to the agency's Facebook page. (I still haven't heard back from Chelan County Sheriff on whether that employee was disciplined for their actions, by the way, but I have followed up and will keep you updated.) The Twitter user then issued me a warning, as you can see in the screenshot above. If I didn't tell this person what I thought of the anarcho-communists and related ideologies, I might get my reputation smeared... :(

I told the Twitter person that I had no control over who reads my articles, but the truth is I really didn't know what I thought of anarcho-communists and related ideologies reading my reports and commentary.

So here I am.

Who are you, anarcho-communists of Reddit? Will you send forth a leader? I understand your leader might not be able to speak for anarcho-communists and related ideologies as a whole, but maybe they could speak on behalf of themselves and explain to me why they're sharing my article about a Chelan County Emergency Management employee who is supposed to be working "to minimize loss of life" but who is instead advocating for violence on the agency's public forum?

My DMs are as open as my mind.