We Shouldn't Call Stephen Paddock a Terrorist; He Was Just a Normal White Guy


Fascinating read, Charles. Thanks. I heard a gaming expo is starting in Vegas. They'll have to come to grips with the reality of a very accomplished first-person shooter.
I suppose you could call him a normal white guy; I suppose you could call the Hutus of Zimbabwe normal Africans.
@3: please expand on your Zimbabwe comment. I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at. Or why.
@3, well they wouldn't really be normal Africans because Hutus are normally from Rwanda, Burundi, and parts of the Congo.

More conflation porn, now it's Charles's turn.
No, he's not a normal White guy any more. He's a murderer. The moment he killed that first person he was no longer "normal". The same goes for a Black Man, A Yellow Man, A Brown Man. And any shade in-between.
I swear someone told me more guns make us safer last week. They said something about mass shootings never happen at NASCAR events or Country music concerts because people that go to these carry and "gun free zones" are just killing zones. Whenever anyone tells me this I always point out Maurice Clemmons and how he walked into a donut shop full of cops to shot the place up.
@7, I think that's the point.

Conservatives are falling all over themselves with this "Oh he's just a regular guy, likes country music, and blackjack, and gun collections, this is a senseless tragedy, we need to do something about mental illness, he was sick, not a terrorist, Stephen Paddock and Hitler did nothing wrong, thoughts and prayers" bullshit.

On the other hand, he was a gun nut, had a grave indifference to human life, and no moral values whatsoever, so he's not that far off from typical Trump voters.
In any other culture a person who stockpiles weapons and ammo is considered a weirdo but in the US we are told these are well-adjusted adults enjoying a constitutionally protected hobby. When one of these nuts pops off we are told by the people who knew him that no one could have seen it coming because he was so normal. Just collecting weapons of warfare, nothing to see here, folks.

This is what we are asked to accept without question every time this happens. No one could have guessed this man with an arsenal would actually mow down a field of strangers for kicks because he was so ordinary. He was an average American man.
That SHARE thing is an Orwell-ism of the highest order.

The people who knew this normal guy, when interviewed, have all said they had no idea he loved guns or collected them, and as far as they knew never went to gun shows or talked a lot about second amendment rights or even belonged to the NRA.

People didn't think his humongous arsenal was weird mainly because it seems nobody had any idea it existed.
Man--the comments on CM articles are telling.
Hey Stranger- how about you fucking grow a pair and write an article titled 'TERRORIST WITH LEGAL GUNS WINS BEST EVER KILLING CONTEST ON US SOIL' and stop complaining about other media. Wtf are you scared of? Your advertisers??
Still...no proof this murderer was a terrorist. No known political motive

And I suppose if he did this in the Chicago southside he'd be a typical black guy
You make some good points, Charles, about troubling stereotypes. And, yet, the emerging portrait of Paddock does not suggest normalcy of any sort. The addictive high-stakes gambling; his apparently tempestuous marriages and verbally abusive behavior towards his current girlfriend; his father being on the FBI's Most Wanted List and comments from those who know Paddock that he "was never the same" after a neighbor took him from his home at age 7 so that he didn't have to see his father get arrested and hauled away; the apparent drug prescription in June to help him deal with stress; his frequently gruff, dismissive tone and hermetic tendency to disappear for long stretches; the odd behavior during his lawsuit against The Cosmopolitan a few years ago... This does not suggest normalcy, white guy or not. This sounds like a repressed psychopath hatching horrifically twisted plots of vengeance. And stereotypes aside--and, to be sure, you're right that many over-indulge them--there's no way this is a "normal guy," and I don't care what color you want to call him. It might be best to wait and learn a bit more before assuming anything about this man. But "normal" seems a stretch, at least at this point.
MarvellUS- stfu. You sound like a god damn fool.