Guest Editorial: Defend Education & Expel Trumpism from Our Schools


Thank you! Everyone who cares about the ongoing, kleptocratic attack against this nation's children and our education system should show up to resist the illegitimate, unqualified, and despicably corrupt Betsy DeVoid. She can shove her tiki torch straight up her Tdumbp Nazi a$$.
Hmmm, too bad some politicians didn’t try to head off a Trump win instead of saying Trump=Hillary.
"Trump bad!" says woman who campaigned against his only real opponent.
"Sawant bad!," says Trump voter and apologist.
@3: You are absolutely right. Some mistakes you can't recover from, and being a useful idiot for Putin is one of them. Stein was clearly a Russian tool. That Sawant couldn't see that disqualifies her from future leadership consideration.
@4: Sawant did more for Trump than I ever did. I never campaigned against Clinton, nor did I vote for Trump. I voted for Clinton. Can Sawant say the same?

But I am sorry for the interruption, forget this reality and go back into your imaginary land where things become true just because you thought them.
This is Sawant's 8th piece in The Stranger. As an formal journalistic outlet, isn't The Stranger beholden to 'equal time' or similar rules regarding republishing elected officials campaign material?
@7. The Equal Time Doctrine, which like the Fairness Doctrine, is basically dead. Hence the rise of Faux News . Besides, neither ever applied to print media.
@7, The Stranger is neither legally or morally required to publish Nazi propaganda, even though they allow it in the comments sections.
@ 2/3/5,

Yes, constantly berating people who didn't vote for Tdumbp is ever so helpful in uniting our opposition and resistance against him.

@ 7,

The Strangler has always been an advocacy journalism platform, and that's never been a secret.
Glad we are back to talking about Hillary Clinton now. She brings out the best in everyone. I hope it never stops.
10: The time that opposition to Trump really could have helped was by not electing him in favor of Hillary Clinton. Councilmember Sawant actively campaigned that the ONLY two real choices for voters was no choice at all. The complete outrageousness of that position is something Sawant needs to own up to and take some responsibility for.
Her last paragraph is her standard boilerplate and can be ignored. Nobody is joining her dumb fucking third party. Otherwise everything in her editorial is spot on and correct, including her criticism of Obama, Hanauer, and Rahm Emanuel. The Democratic Party needs to purge the "education reformers," and that stands a much better chance of happening than Socialist Alternative coming to power.
I agree with everything she says but disagree with her entire approach to national politics. The Trump administration is following through on their promise to gut our federal institutions *right this very minute* and her response is to build a new political party from the ground up. I get that a lot of people on the left do not trust the Democratic party and running against them might work for local politics in a city like Seattle but on the national level the dems are all you have to work with and there is no time to start from scratch. In desperate circumstances you need to make it work with what you have and not how you would like them to be and we've been well past that point for quite a while now.
Did trump win Washington State? No? Then what are you trolls even trolling about?
@3 for the win. Sawant blows as much hot air as Trump, just in a different direction.
Sawant really does need to preface everything she says about Trump with an apology for helping him win, and regrets for not working for Hillary once it was clear it was either her or the dotard.

But then again this only reminds us how lame Seattle Democrats are that they can't get out from under Sawant's shadow. Notice how little anyone pays attention to Jill Stein these days? It's because Stein has no influence on anything. But here, you could be forgiven for wondering if Dow Considine or Bruce Harrell or Lisa Herbold are still alive and in office. Their names show up in the news when they participate in mandatory events, when the machinery of the system throws a spotlight on them, like when Harrell became acting mayor through no action of his own.

Sawant is a big deal because we have a permanent leadership vacuum. If Durkan becomes mayor, that will not change. She will become as invisible and irrelevant as Murray was, and Sawant will be on the front pages for no reason other than she spoke her mind without waiting for the party leadership to hand them talking points. This is why Sawant can say we need independent candidates. That leadership vacuum. Step into it, guys.
@3 and other delusionals: So, if we pretend for a second that Kshama Sawant's criticism of Clinton equaled support for Trump (which, obviously, it doesn't - but let's pretend), then do all of you believe that had Sawant supported Clinton, Clinton would have won? Would we have awoken to headlines of: "Unknown City Councilwoman from Kinda Minor City Swings Election for Clinton, Inspiring Millions to Vote Across the Midwest by Refraining from Obvious Criticism!"

Nobody who mattered, demographically speaking, fucking cared. I mean, I really like Sawant, but nobody outside of this safely Democratic city in this safely Democratic state gives a fuck about who she supports for President. To believe she had any impact is a sign of delusional thinking. Please go back to ripping lines of coke in your basement and clipping out stories about "secret Russian agent" Jill Stein. Jesus, what a collection of morons.
She actively campaigned against Clinton in an election where either Clinton or Trump was guaranteed to win. You don't have to credit her for singlehandedly giving the election to Trump to acknowledge that her approach to politics, while effective at the local level, has no practical use in national elections, at least not right now. Especially not right now.
@19: If it has no practical use in national elections, as well as having no impact on the previous national election, then why even talk about it? Why claim she needs to apologize? It's a bunch of nothing that people are freaking out about because... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I didn't say it had no impact and I didn't say she needs to apologize, I said it has no practical use for advancing a progressive agenda at the national level, particularly in an election where the stakes were as high as they were in 2016. It will take years just to get back to baseline after this administration is done gutting our nation's institutions, and you will never convince me that any of the hazards we are facing right now would have happened with a Clinton administration. Sawant is not 100% to blame for Trump but she is absolutely part of a political culture on the left that is either oblivious or indifferent to the dire threat posed by the reactionary right.
Because apologizing is the least one could do. If you really need this explained to you, there's no point. There's some facts about civil behavior that you get by the time you're an adult, or you will never get it. If you don't get it, then go about your business of doing whatever it is you do.
@21: I was referring to people saying Sawant should apologize, as well as those upset by her open criticism of Clinton. Sawant's criticism didn't cost Clinton the election; Clinton cost Clinton the election. She was incapable of defeating a morally bankrupt con-man, with or without Sawant.

It's also odd to think that the left is somehow indifferent or unaware of the reactionary right, especially when they offered a platform that could have actually defeated Trump. Hillary scoffed at Medicare for All during the primaries, but now 120 members of the House and 16 Senators support it, as well as 52% of the public. Not only did Sanders out-poll Trump throughout the primary, people actually liked his policies, seeing them as the next bold step after the Obama administration. The left had all the tools to defeat Trump, including a genuine candidate, but a little over half of registered Democrats rejected him and his approach. If there's any constituency that should be apologizing, it's every single person that supported Hillary Clinton in the primary. A vote for her at that point was a vote for Donald Trump.

Centrists offered up a flaming bag of garbage, told everyone to enjoy it because there was no alternative, and are now offended because a person said they'd prefer to vote for something better than flaming garbage. I know Trump is the equivalent of a radioactive wasteland, but it's still okay to aspire to something greater than flaming garbage. Otherwise, you'll end up with a radioactive wasteland anyway.

@22: Oh my!
I exposed nasty racism, hate crimes, discrimination, etc. at the Bellevue School District. They have wasted well over a million of our tax dollars trying to destroy me. I had an elected and moral duty to report all of it.…
@23 It’s cool though that Hillary’s fans can’t come up with a better defense of her than “she’s better than a steaming pile of shit”. A lot of people seem upset about your posts, I can only assume they're angered by how accurate they are.