Trump: "Disgusting" Press Gets To Write "Whatever It Wants"


How can anyone be surprised? He's been following in hitler's footsteps since he took office.
When he comes down off his bender, his handlers will claim "he was only joking."
Sure the press gets to write whatever they want, when you're a star they let you do it.
Rubin has been incredible this year as the leading voice calling out the ethical, legal, and moral failures of her party. Her anger and disillusionment are palpable, and her column is a daily must-read. She's just about the only Republican that tells the unvarnished truth and that I truly respect for her intelligence and integrity, even though I used to completely disagree with her politically.
Jesus! The press is free to write whatever they want?!?

What's next, giving people the right to bear arms? Or protecting them from unreasonable search and seizure?

Why is our president being surprised with this nonsense only now???

Why can't we have some sort of document that lists all these crazy "rights?" Like a bill or something?
The press is not actually free to just write anything it wants, legally speaking.

gaslighting the planet.

the story being obscured by these antics is WHY tillerson called trump a fucking moron: because he wants to INCREASE our nuclear arsenal, and told the joint chiefs so. he'd just learned it was being reduced - because stupid treaties and shit.
I suppose the next step, most ironically, is for Trump to try and resurrect the FCC Fairness Doctrine.
Goldberg and Rubin will be supporting Republican candidates in 2018 and voting for Trump and/or Pence in 2020.
...who now are in full dungeon over...

Rubin needs an editor of some sort, I could have sworn the word is
dudg·eon ('dəjən/) noun. a feeling of offense or deep resentment.

Since reporters are already getting arrested during street demonstrations, having Big Media reporters arrested really isn't too far fetched at this point.

Still, can't anyone in the WH put a muzzle on that cur? The flying slobber is starting to sully the curtains.
@9, No comment on Goldberg but Rubin cranks out multiple articles a day and they are consistently, doggedly critical of Trump and the Republican party. If it's all just a performance it's a damn convincing one.
Just thinking strategically here; What better way to occupy the news cycle than by attacking the press?

What is happening behind the scenes that the TrumpScreen is hiding? I really wish reporters would spend one short paragraph on Tumpf's latest outRAAAGeous statement, then the next three paragraphs revealing the things going on in the background...

I'd really like to see that become a standard reportage reflex.

I dunno, I'm still pretty sure Megyn Kelly voted for Trump.
@13: Just google "Megyn Kelly Trump election night".

Given this video the moment Fox called the election, the expression on Megyn's face and in her eyes indicates otherwise. She then regains composure enough to indulge in some muted nervous laughter.
Wtf does that have to do with anything. Megyn Kelly is a half-wit tool whose only success was saying racist things with a fresh, young face for an audience of bitter old people. She can't even manage a softball morning show without fucking it up.

Rubin was at her worst an apologist for the Bush II admin but she's not a tabloid bottom-dweller like Kelly. She writes for one of the best and most respected papers in the country. Who she votes for in the upcoming elections is on her but right now we're talking about how she writes, and she has been getting it right for a long time now. Credit where it's due.
I say let him stay busy complaining about NFL and cable news and keep his twisted senile mind off N Korea. Yeah if he actually manages to restrict the press, that's a huge problem, but I don't think he will, and frankly, if we lost all cable news forever it would only be a benefit.
I couldn't listen to that pig talk, did he mention the devastating fires? Has he not seen the footage of whole suburbs burnt to the ground. Like they have been nuked.
Enough of this. Enough. Our global humanity is being dicK - tated to by this ugly cruel creep.
Treacle @10, re: “dungeon”
I was about to assess Rubin as a dimwit for her below-highschool level written English. But the original article in the Washington Post publishes it correctly as "dudgeon". The fault lies, apparently, either with incompetent spell-checking on The Stranger’s end, or else her text was edited by the WaPo after posting.

The phrase, however, is not “full dudgeon”, as Rubin wrote, but “high dudgeon”. This sophomoric error in Rubin’s writing naturally weakens her punditry, but it’s not the least of her errors. In the end, I cannot respect the opinion of anyone who—considering the events of the last 37 years—has not unequivocally denounced the Republican party. This goes double for someone with a name like Rubin.