Sierra Club Criticizes Puget Sound Energy Over a "Repeal and Replace" Climate Plan


Repeal and Replace Trumpzilla / Pencezilla / Pruittzilla / Sessionszilla ad nauseum.
And take Thuggie Ericksen--R, Ferndale, with them in industrial sized trash bags; ship their sorry asses to Wall Street's snootiest bankster district restaurants, and force feed all that gristly pork fat down the throats of the Koch Brothers and Warren Buffett until they choke to death.
And Ryan Dumbass Zinke STILL doesn't get why so many of us, including doctors, scientists, and tribal nations are fighting back against this insanity and saying no fucking way to exporting their dirty coal--and, even crazier, that China DOESN'T NEED OR WANT U.S. COAL THAT IS ONLY DECREASING IN VALUE?? HELLO??
Meanwhile, Montana ranchers are desperately seeking sufficient clean water for their livestock. Good luck with all the fracking and strip-mining. The accompanying photo with this story should make a resounding Washington State and Sierra Club "NO!" to coal and Bakken crude exports through the PNW a no-brainer. Zinke and other climate change denying shit for brains fossil fuel apologists need the "Repeal and Replace"-ing.