Who Is She? On Seattle Gossip, RomComs, and the Seattle Freeze


I'm going to make a guess.

I am guessing that if I say I think these girls are pretty(but sorry, not as pretty as Anna) the four of them won't be the ones who are offended.

"But they need your validation", they'll say.
Hey guys, want to look at "The Prophet Confronts a Serpent" from the Museum of Islamic Art and watch Kendrick Lamar's HUMBLE with me?

I swear to you, when Titor was a thing I had given my word that, if his shit hit the fan, I would head to the East coast and steal my friend's 99-foot scallop boat from his family with him in order to become pirates.

Now twice as old, we renewed this oath recently, as it is still entirely possible that armageddon is nigh.

Two of us did, at least. The third chickened out.

I also asked him to fix the Saint Maartians after they die.

He told me he'd save the Saint Maartians.


I'm pretty sure my first suggestion was that we'd have to steal girls. Sensible, in my mind. And I mean, it's armageddon.

What kind of brain-dead female wouldn't want to become a pirate with us when armageddon strikes?

Who should I try to drink with tomorrow? Unfortunately my mind has been made up for me. There is an order of succession.