I Couldn’t Imagine Why Anyone Would Pay to See Imagine Dragons – So I Asked


Great article. Thank you. I have felt similarly about other mystifyingly popular music /musicians (Andrew Lloyd Weber and Taylor Swift, for example). I had to be called out by a friend for my snobbery to motivate a shift in my attitude (good on you for figuring it out for yourself). Now, whether or not I like it, if some piece of music makes someone happy, I'm happy for them. I don't need to listen or comment.
... and +1 for "rage-poop"
Sam, it's clear that you grew up the victim of intense judgement, and that comes through in your writing, just like the abused grow up to be abusers. Sounds like maybe by the end of the night you learned something about acceptance. Keep growing....adulthood is just around the corner.
I went to see K. Flay and GROUPLOVE.
great read. the "i can't believe you like _______" narrative is slowly dying. listen to whatever you want, as long as you're listening to something.
@5 slowly? that shit is tired as fuck.
@5: de gustibus disputadem
Radioactive fell victim to being massively overplayed.

Hearing it played twice on my way into work and twice on my way back every day for about 3 months, regardless of what station I turned to, drove me back to NPR, podcasts, and cds.
We were one of the families who were there. We surprised our 10 year old son and 13 year old daughter. It was their first big arena show and they LOVED it. You nailed it. It's music they can enjoy with their mom. They are still developing their taste in music, they are not as jaded or even as familiar with how cliche some of the lyrics and whoa-oh's can be. They hear a steady beat, a catchy tune and lyrics that somehow mean something to them. And from an adult perspective, it's pop music that doesn't make me want to tear my hair out, the lyrics aren't violent or misogynist or overly sexualized, so I'm ok with my kids memorizing every word. So I love them. Not because it's the best music ever, or even because it's my taste, but because it's something fun in a fragile world, at a fragile point in my children's lives that we can share and dance and stomp and sing together and forget about crap for a while. You can't put a price tag on that.
One thing I’ve noticed about Imagine Dragons is that their lyrics include messages of feeling different, misunderstood, finding acceptance, redemption, staying humble, etc. While many artists tackle these topics, Imagine Dragons does it in an extremely inoffensive, approachable and catchy way. It’s all about how it makes you feel and what it makes you think about. I’m a lyric-listener while my husband is not, and we both enjoy them.

And also, I remember my very young stepson proclaiming that Radioactive was his favorite song and asking to turn the radio up. It was the first time he expressed his interests strongly in something that wasn’t power-rangers or Spider-Man related and we got a glimpse of his growing personality. It opened the door to introducing him to other music and gave us a new way of connecting with him.

I still smile when I hear the song.
Really don't know why this article was in my recommended. And fuck you for saying you were waiting for a sob story from someone who was dying of cancer or whatever.

Do you not know what the Tyler Robinson Foundation Is?!?! Imagine Dragons donates all the time to cancer.

So fuck. You Sam Chapman