Jerry Dixon Named New Artistic Director of Village Theatre


Under the leadership of Managing Director Robb Hunt and Thompson as AD, Village has grown from a sleepy little community theatre putting on shows in a decrepit, rat-infested (we used to give them names!) turn-of-the-last-century Vaudeville stage into a major national player on the non-profit musical theatre scene. Steve gave me my first full-on Equity contract back in 2000, and although I haven't trod a stage in quite a few years, the relationships I built working in Issaquah have stayed with me for more than two decades.

Aside from being an insanely talented director and choreographer, Steve is also one of the nicest, kindest, and most generous people I've ever met. It's a shame he has to leave at all, but if anyone deserves a break from nearly three decades operating at such a frenetic pace, he surely does. And it sounds like he's turning the reins over to someone equally as talented and dedicated to preserving and expanding the American Musical repertoire.

Admittedly, musical theatre isn't everyone's cuppa', but for those for of us who have had the honor, privilege, and pleasure to work with him or to experience his work - he's going to be missed.
Mario Cantone's husband!