I like tracks that play with space, have wicked, groovy bass lines, and mixing that adds and subtracts to create tension and release.
"I like tracks that play with space, have wicked, groovy bass lines, and mixing that adds and subtracts to create tension and release."


Current Top 5 tracks:

Titonton, "Skin on Skin" (Residual Recordings)
"There are so many good Titonton tracks it is kind of ridiculous. This is one currently on rotation a lot for me. Titonton tracks are certain to make me sneak a naughty grin and do a wiggle."

4E, "Gentle Killer" (Sockett)
"A prime example of the kind of electro that I love so much—'Gentle Killer' is such an excellent name for this track. Word is, this particular release is getting a reissue soon..."

Leo Anibaldi, "Untitled B1" (ACV)
"I first heard this track on a radio show by Freddy K when I was a teen. At the time I had no way of finding out what it was, simply referred to it as 'what the fuck' track. Almost a decade later I managed to find it, and it’s a stomper. I love the semi-industrial vibes here, it’s pretty intense but the vocals and speaker pan make it playful."

Smith & Mighty, "Walk On" (Three Stripe)
"A 90-bpm jammer by the one and only Smith & Mighty. I love this Bristol sound."

Hortense Ellis, "Hell and Sorrow" (Fe-Me-Time)
"This song gives me goosebumps, Hortense Ellis is so fantastic. She started singing when she was only 18, one of the true reggae pioneers. I'd love to play a set where I could sneak this in one day."

Crew/label affiliations: "I’m part of the femme/non-binary/trans collective, TUF, also part of the Research and Action Potential events at Kremwerk."

Styles played: "I like to think I play a bit of everything: electro, techno, acid, freestyle, hardcore, breaks, jungle, house, dub, UK garage, some boogie/disco. I'm also into playing beatless/ambient sets. I’m into early-'90s/late-'80s sounds: electro, proto-jungle, freestyle, hardcore, and early rave lately."

Events organized: "I booked the music portion for TUFFEST, an all-day-all-night festival run by the TUF collective, I also co-run Research at Kremwerk and Action Potential. I worked on Decibel Festival for a good few years, and am on the team for CORRIDOR Festival, and this fall I was a curator for New Forms Festival in Vancouver."

DJing philosophy: "I’m still working this part out. I feel like what I love spans across a lot of different genres, sounds, and styles and many times I have no idea how it will ever fit together. DJs I really admire know how to play well across the board and don’t stick to a genre or style, or even bpm range. For club sets, I’m not a fan of cruising altitudes that stay within the same realm or sit in a very specific sound or energy too heavily. I try to organize my records and digital tracks by 'energy' rather than genre, for this reason. It allows for more flexibility when you’re choosing.

"I’m particularly attracted to non-4/4 rhythms, and yes, I am a sucker for an 'Amen' break, but not exclusively. I like tracks that play with space, have wicked, groovy bass lines, and mixing that adds and subtracts to create tension and release, so, it’s more about slotting in elements at the right time.

"The best DJs have a keen sensibility for connection with other people, can intuit feelings quickly and make decisions based on that. I feel like it’s often a dance between being intuitive and being true to your taste and style. A DJ that is excellent at this is Eris Drew. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone able to connect with a crowd like she does and her skills are next level. A part of this connection (for me) is to be genuinely enjoying yourself. I don’t know how you can expect people to be having a good time if you aren’t. I don’t understand how people are able to be stoic and stationary when they are playing their favorite songs; I know I cannot. I’ve seen more subtle cues of a release from seemingly stoic DJs and it really did something for me. I see you, you really love this."

Format: "I bought turntables and tried to play vinyl first, mostly because I like the act of digging for records, not really in a purist sort of way—I just like discovering music this way most (though I do also dig online). I prefer shops that have only used records (cheaper) and are mostly unsorted, for this reason; I don’t have to go to a specific section, I can just dig through a pile of random records and grab ones that catch my eye. I feel like you find more golden nuggets for cheaper this way. I look for records much in the same way that I looked for old cameras or clothes that I’d tinker with. I now play CDJs, as I’m still honing my skills as a vinyl DJ, but I really enjoy vinyl as a medium."

Worst request: "No explicit requests so far, but 'play something fun' has happened."

Upcoming events:
10/20 Directory in LA with DJ Python, Florist, Baby Sam Deejay
10/31 House of the Dead at Vermillion
11/4 Vancouver TBA
11/11 Research with 214, Objekt, and Succubass at Kremwerk
11/25 Cosies in Bristol, UK with Debonaire, Chloe Alice Frieda and Bokeh Edwards