Dont fear the drag queen, fear the devil inside the drag queen.
"Don't fear the drag queen, fear the devil inside the drag queen." Kelly O

Ben DeLaCreme has likened RuPaul's Drag Race to hell, but it appears she's ready to dance with the devil once more. The RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season 3 cast "Ru-veal" aired on VH1 mere moments ago and we're happy to announce that one of our favorite Seattle queens is back on TV. DeLaCreme, who won Miss Congeniality on the show when she competed in season 6, joins a cast of ~9 on All Stars season 3, which will air early 2018.

"I love my hometown of Seattle. I've been there for about 11 years," DeLa said in her interview on the reveal, which included footage from DeLa's "Beware the Terror of Gaylord Manor," playing right now at ACT Theatre. "My real legacy in Drag Race is not engaging in the kind of shit talking that I didn't want to engage in," said DeLa regarding her stay on RPDR. "This time around I'm ready to show the judges what Ben can do as opposed to just what Ben DeLaCreme can do."

And what exactly can Ben do? "Well, first of all, she’s one of the funniest people we know," say Kitten N' Lou, the burlesque superstars, Stranger favorites, and longtime collaborators of Ben DeLaCreme. "She just really knows how to zero in on what makes certain words funny, and why certain words are funny together. And as her frequent collaborators, we can tell you that no choice is accidental. She really thinks about every joke, every visual, every choice is carefully calculated for maximum impact. We're betting she’ll let her guard down a bit this go around. AND Y’ALL KNOW YOU BETTER GET READY FOR SNATCH GAME 2, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO." (Kitten N' Lou, by the way, have an upcoming show with Milk, also on AS3, coming up in November at the Triple Door.)

We have no idea what to expect from All Stars 3, but we're glad to see Miss Creme back on TV.

The full list of queens returning to serve "sickening looks and deep dish drama, mama":
- Ben DeLaCreme (season 6)
- Milk (season 6)
- Shangela (season 2 & 3)
- Thorgy Thor (season 8)
- Trixie Mattel (season 7)
- Kennedy Davenport (season 7)
- Aja (season 9)
- Chi Chi DeVayne (season 8)*
- Morgan McMichaels (season 2)
- ??? Maybe one more. It's unclear. But it's probably Darienne Lake if Reddit is correct.

*Chi Chi DeVayne has been saying for over a year that she's moving to Seattle... WHEN IS IT HAPPENING, GIRL?