La David T. Johnson's Widow: Trump "Made Me Cry Even More"


"the manner with which", as my shrink used to say.

"that's just how he talks" say trump's enablers.

"we noticed" say 2/3 of America.
Active duty military went 3-to-1 for Trump in the election. Still hard for me to believe. But then again, Benghazi something something Benghazi and Lock Her Up and Emails, so I guess it makes sense.
I hope Republicans are happy Trump's getting troops senselessly killed and spitting on their grieving families.

They knew exactly what they voted for.
What Tdumbp said on the call makes perfect sense; he's a sociopath incapable of empathy, so mumbling some garbage about a sucker that got what he signed up for was just his own special way of trying to mimic emotions felt by normal humans.

What's truly sick is that the GOP Nazis are now gonna fire up their tiki torches and begin seething and shrieking about how much they hate pregnant war widows, in between screaming their "heil Tdumbps."
10 months in and we already have one or two Benghazis and everyone in the white house using private email. If any of this stuff actually mattered (i.e. if Trump were a Democrat), impeachment would be underway.
"I'm thinking black + woman pushes more of Trump's buttons than Democrat + cowboy hat."

True but:
Black+woman+Democrat+cowboy hat apparently pushes ALL of TRump's buttons.
@ 2,

Whenever fascism seizes control of a country--as it has in the US--the military and police always turn on the civilian population 100% of the time.

They're authoritarians, and it's only a matter of time until Tdumbp let's them loose against us here at home.
It's not W's fault. Had we had a president Romney, there would have been no Trump.
Trump is the worst. He is toxic to everything he touches, everyone he reaches out to, either his sycophants or his mortal enemies (the only categories of people he recognizes).
If there'd been no (George W) Bush, there would be no Trump?

I do not see the a clear rationale for why this flat assertion should be accepted as truth. Bush somehow paved the way, since he was 'establishment' in name and policy, and this paved the way for Trump? Jeb lost the nomination because his brother George was correctly perceived as a failed Presdent, and that made the rise of Trump inevitable?

This just does not compute. There are so many holes in this line of reasoning that it scarcely qualifies as reason at all. Whatever George W Bush's flaws are (and they are manifest) I do not believe it is either fair or reasonable to lay responsibility the Trump administration at his feet.

And yes, both Bushes were far better temperamentally suited for the Presidency than Trump, but so are literally every President who preceded Trump, so there's no particular distinction in that status, or wit required to perceive it.
@7 "Sir, I'd just like to say thank you for your service and I'm honored to be shot by you today."
Apparently Kelly had spoken with Trump and mentioned how brave troops are to elect to serve, knowing they could theoretically die while serving, and that's where the "he knew what he signed up for" bit.

Trump is just too stupid and lacking in empathy to find a more tactful way to say this while speaking with the soldier's grieving widow (or, ideally, just not say it all all because this was absolutely the worst time to mention it).
@ 10,

CaliguBu$h's regime paved the way for Tdumbp simply due to their stunning, relentless mendacity.

I'll never forget early 2003, when they discovered that they could lie with impunity, and the despicable RepubliKKKan voters would eagerly chow down on every shit sandwich and beg for more. They further divided and tribalized American politics to the point that their racist base no longer cared about truth or reality as long as they were stiggenit to uppity gays and blacks.

We're going to be dealing with the Bu$h legacy of lies, hatred, and dumFux Nooz-aided insanity for the rest of our lives.
@13 you can argue that George Bush I and people like Lee Atwater paved the way for GB II. Or this all traces back to Nixon in the Southern strategy.

But I think if you do that, you play into a sort of ‘predestination mindset’ which is a false narrative.

And Doesn’t that absolve the democratic party of the responsibility it has for the campaign and choices they made in 2016?

And for any voter who decided to stay home because there was no difference between Clinton and Trump? Or anyone who voted for a protest candidate and not Clinton?
Don't all women that age dress like that? Can I introduce you to my grandma? Look past the hats, people.
Back in April, tRump made a condolence call to the widow of a white soldier. The tone of his voice and the joyous way he praised her hero husband is in stark contrast to the ham fisted call he made to the black soldier's widow. tRump is a racist to his very core and no one should be surprised!