My cousin is straight and I'm gay. He has some of the sexiest feet ever, and I have an intense foot fetish. Let's say I offer to massage his feet and he's down, should I massage his feet? For the record, I've already rubbed his feet. Is this wrong?

Somehow Obsessively Contemplating Kinky Shit

As I've said before, SOCKS, it isn't a crime for a shoe salesman to have a foot fetish. It is a problem, however, if the shoe salesman with a foot fetish obviously pervs on people who didn't sign up to be perved on. From the vaults:

My go-to example of permissible Secret Perving is the foot fetishist who works in a high-end shoe store. He really loves his job, he gets to look at feet all day long, and he moves a lot of shoes. So long as the shoe store salesclerk with a foot fetish is good at his job and so long as his secret perving is undetectable—no spotting, no bulges, no heavy breathing, no creepy compliments—there's no harm. If the foot fetishist/shoe salesclerk goes home at the end of a long day and jacks off about the feet he saw and, yes, handled during his shift—and the people he sold shoes to are none the wiser—he's not hurting anyone. The secret pleasure he takes in his work shouldn't disqualify him from being a shoe salesclerk. Or a podiatrist.

Important note: it's not just about how the foot fetishist/secret perv/shoe salesclerk/aspiring podiatrist perceives himself, but how he is perceived by others—by his customers and his coworkers. He may think he's playing it cool, he may think his perving is secret, but if his customers are creeped out by his behavior, demeanor, bulges, spots, heavy breathing, etc., or his coworkers are creeped out by him, then his perving isn't a secret and he should be fired and/or go into another line of work. (My other go-to example of permissible Secret Perving: the business guy at a business meeting who's secretly wearing panties and a garter belt and pantyhose under his business suit. Yes, both of my examples of Secret Pervs involve male pervs. Because misandry.)

This above applies to you, SOCKS. It's a fine-if-weird thing for you to massage your cousin's feet, if that's what your cousin wants, and it's fine to wank your dick blistered after you're alone. But it's only fine if you can massage your cousin's feet without spotting, bulging, breathing heavily, etc. Unless, of course, your cousin knows you get off on feet and enjoys your foot massages not just for the massage itself, but for the heavy breathing and bulges those massages induce from you. In that case, SOCKS, massage away to your kinky heart's content. Because I don't have an issue with cousinfucking, as you can read here, so cousinmassaging certainly won't trip my triggers.

But, SOCKS, one question: Is there a difference between a foot massage and a foot rub? If your cousin is already fine with a foot rub... does a massage change things? Is there a distinction here I'm not aware of?

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